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Research Income Increase

There has been a significant increase in the research income won by the University in the last academic year.

The recent University Council meeting welcomed a report which showed that the value of research income awarded to the University had increased by over 142%, - one and a half times last year’s income, from over £15.5 million to nearing £38 million.

As well as sizeable grants won from the European Commission, the University also saw a significant increase in grants awarded by the UK Research Councils. These research grants are highly competitive and awarded to only the best and most relevant research.

The University also saw significant increases in the value of contracts won from both UK industry and directly from UK government departments; reflecting the same overall levels of increase as total grant capture.

“The University has been following a strategy of strengthening its research position and increasing the quality of research undertaken. All the work put in across the University to support research is bearing fruit. The increase in research income is a good monitor of the University’s improving research standing,” commented Professor David Shepherd, recently appointed Pro Vice-Chancellor for Research & Enterprise at the University.

Publication date: 18 November 2010