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Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics visit University for training

In April 2015, Bangor University and Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics signed a formal Memorandum of Understanding committing both organisations to work more closely together in the future.

With shared interests principally in the development of expertise and training relating to Biological and Life Sciences, but also Engineering, Business, Management and Computational Sciences, both organisations share a similar vision for the economic development, vitality and vibrancy of the north Wales economy as a whole.

The Memorandum of Understanding paved the way for activities such as work and study placements for students, sharing expertise to provide Continuing Professional Development for staff from both organisations as well as for potential future collaborative research and development.

As part of the ongoing relationship, a number of staff/scientists from Siemens Llanberis recently spent two days visiting and training with staff from Bangor University’s School of Medical Sciences, North West Cancer Research Institute and the University’s School of Chemistry.

The sessions were hosted by the University’s Dr David Pryce and Dr Chris Gwenin.

 Dr. David Pryce, said of the event;

“The visit was a part of the Bangor University - Siemens MOU initiative. It focused on laboratory work, specifically performing the immunoassays we employ in our medical research, using our state of the art research equipment as well as seminars discussing the importance of antibody validation in medical research.

Personally, I found it a thoroughly rewarding event that provided exactly the kind of knowledge exchange opportunity the Bangor-Siemens MOU was designed to encourage and facilitate”.

Publication date: 8 October 2015