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Students selected for the Olympic torch relay

Allys Allsop, a student at Bangor University, is one of ten students from across the UK selected by Coca-Cola, a Presenting Partner of the London 2012 Olympic torch relay, to recognise and reward the positive contributions made by many students every day.

Allys, a 19 year old first year Linguistics student from Grantham, was selected following a dedicated search to find inspirational students or ‘Future Flames.’

Allys is running in memory of her great grandfather who was injured in World War 2 and then went on to win medals at the first Paralympic Games and who has inspired her to become one of the youngest female football referees. Allys said:

"I currently play fo rthe Women's University Football Team and referee in the Welsh Alliance League and next year I will be refereeing in the Women's Premier. I aspire to be in the Men's Premier League in England and hopefully continue to become a referee in European football. I am overwhelmed that I have been chosen to carry the torch. I have read so many inspirational stories and am privileged to be running with such motivational people and to be taking part in a once in a lifetime opportunity".

Allys is one of the students highlighted in Olympic and Paralympic Games, The Impact of Universities, a universities UK report for Universities Week. The report  reveals that more than 90 per cent* of the UK’s universities are engaged with London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, with 65 per cent expecting to gain long-term benefits from their involvement.

Image of Caitlen Moon interviewing Lord Seb Coe through LOCOGImage of Caitlen Moon interviewing Lord Seb Coe through LOCOGAlso carrying the Flame, is 21 year old Caitlen Moon of Stafford, who will be running through Great Wyrley on 30 June 2012.

Caitlen is a third year student at Bangor University, studying French and English. She is currently on her year abroad in France.

Caitlen has already been involved with London 2012, launching the London 2012 (Young Leaders Programme) in January 2010. At this event she interviewed Dr Tony Hayward and Dame Kelly Holmes about their roles in this new volunteering programme.

She was nominated by her younger sister who wrote: “Caitlen Moon is my older sister. She was born with Eustation Tube Dysfunction, meaning that by 18 she had had five operations on her ears, three pairs of Grommets in her ears and a T-Tube in her left ear. None of this helped meaning that at 18 she was given two Hearing Aids. Anyone who had all this pain and trouble would just give up... My sister didn't, that is why she is so inspirational to me and all around her, because she never lets her disability overrule her.

In 2008, she was elected MYP for South Staffordshire, through this she debated in the House of Lords and did over 300 hours of volunteering. Then in 2009 she became part of V20 with the volunteer organisation VInspired and then she went onto the V Trustee board. In 2010 she opened an Olympic Program where she interviewed Lord Seb Coe and Dame Kelly Holmes. While doing this she managed to overcome her hearing problems and get A-Levels in Music, English Lit/Lang and French. Living in France for 8 months as part of her University course is hard enough without having constant hearing problems that she faces, especially with speaking and listening to different French dialects. My sister is an inspiration because she always has time to do things for others and doesn't let her disability overcome her. To me, Caitlen Moon is the most inspirational person that I have ever met and when I look at her, she makes me realise that I can do anything that I want to.”

Honoured to have been chosen, Caitlen said:

"I never dreamed that I would be a part of the London 2012 Olympics. However, in January 2010, I launched the London 2012 Young Leaders programme as a V20 volunteer by interviewing Lord Coe and Dame Kelly Holmes and have now been chosen to run with the Olympic Torch. I feel very honoured just to have been nominated, let alone selected, and my story proves that anyone and everyone can get involved".

More students and staff have been chosen as Torch Bearers, read about them here.

Publication date: 2 May 2012