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The part–time way to post-graduate education

In these tougher times, studying for a postgraduate degree part-time while remaining at work is an option at Bangor University.

John JonesJohn JonesA member of staff at AguaCure, a Bangor–based SME; John Jones is among a rising number of people choosing to fit further study within their working life.

John is undertaking a part-time PhD at Bangor University’s School of Chemistry. Originally from Deganwy, John completed his MSc in Environmental Chemistry at Bangor.  Whilst studying for his MSc project he became interested in wastewater cleanup and what began as his MSc project has now become the foundation for a successful and rewarding career in science.

John is studying for his PhD under Dr Chris Gwenin at the School of Chemistry.

John’s MSc project was focussed on the removal of iron from wastewater.  His interest in this area led to him taking a position at AguaCure, recently partnered with Modern Water with whom the company develops water-treatment technologies.  Modern Water is funding John’s PhD work.  For his PhD, John is conducting research into electrocoagulation, understanding how best to remove contaminants from wastewater using electrochemical science.

“In my day-to-day work I can be in the lab running trials or out in the field looking at contaminated sites and taking samples back to the lab for testing.  This area is classified as “green” technology as I’m working on ways to precisely decontaminate water without needing to add more chemicals. 

“Dairy waste for example contains phosphates which, if released untreated into the natural environment, could cause algal blooms that can kill off entire river systems.  The mining and automotive industries create wastewater which is contaminated with heavy metals, electrocoagulation will be able to assist these industries with their wastewater meaning that secondary pollution is minimised through the use of cleaner technology.”

John’s work now takes him all over the world, at the moment he is working on projects in Barcelona and Paris.  He adds, “I came back to Bangor because I love this area and feel so lucky to be able to work and live locally, but travelling all over Europe is an exciting challenge and I hope to be able to assist other countries world-wide with their wastewater treatment in future.  It is fantastic to be working on new technologies that will help the world preserve such a precious resource.”

Bangor University’s next Postgraduate Courses Fair takes place on Friday 18 February 2011 between 12.30 – 2.30. Anybody interested in postgraduate study at Bangor is most welcome to attend, and take advantage of the opportunity to learn more about the many different postgraduate programmes that are currently available. Pre-register for the event online via the University’s website at:

Publication date: 16 February 2011