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Welsh Language Partnership Council appointment

Dr Lowri Angharad Ahronson of Canolfan Bedwyr has been appointed to the Welsh Language Partnership Council. Leighton Andrews, Minister for Education and Skills, chairs the CoDr Lowri Angharad AhronsonDr Lowri Angharad Ahronsonuncil and the group is responsible for advising and making representations to Welsh Ministers in relation to the Welsh Language Strategy and the annual action plans under the strategy.

As Director of the Language Scheme at Bangor University, Dr Lowri Ahronson has a wealth of experience in the field of language policy and will bring this experience to bear in her role on the Council. Dr Ahronson publishes academically in the field of language planning and she led the development of Bangor University’s MA in Language Policy and Planning. She is currently leading the development of a new national Welsh Language Skills Certificate on behalf of the Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol. As chair of regional and national groups in the field of language policy, she is engaged in developing bilingual workplaces and was, for example, a part of the team in Canolfan Bedwyr that developed the Cymorth Cymraeg website. Lowri is also interested in the international dimension of language planning and has forged links with and facilitated discussions between specialists in Wales and Canada in order to enrich our understanding of this complex and exciting field.

Wyn Thomas, Pro Vice Chancellor of Bangor University commented on the appointment, saying:
“We are privileged  as an organisation to see the high profile contribution made by our staff   to the wider world and to Welsh life. Dr Lowri Ahronson’s contribution  to the area of Language Policy  is well-known and it’s good that her expertise, and innovation  at Bangor University’s Canolfan Bedwyr, is available for the benefit of the Welsh Language Partnership Council during the next three years.”

Bangor University is the leading university in Wales in terms of Welsh language academic provision and in terms of the breadth and quality of its bilingual services. It is recognised that Canolfan Bedwyr’s work in the field of language planning is pioneering and the centre’s work is influential locally, nationally and internationally.

Publication date: 11 May 2012