Snapshot of Bangor

Alumni share with us the one photograph of Bangor which they feel perfectly sums up their time here.

I remember the Ed Povey murals on College Road in the mid 70s. They were just so evocative of the time and place.
Brenda Hazel (1978, Psychology)


This is a photo of the staff name board in the School of Electronic Engineering Science, slightly modified by ‘persons unknown’ near the end of the summer term in 1972!
Andy Wade (1973, Electronic Engineering)

A jolly jape played by students in 1978 when you had to go through Bangor to get to Anglesey. It worked!
Gareth Hunt (1979, Linguistics & French)


This was my view from my room in Neuadd Reichel in 1960. It was so special to be able to wake up to the mountains every morning.
Gareth Williams (1964, Applied Mathematics and Computer Science)


This was my room, selected as being the tidiest in Plas Gwyn, soon after it was built in 1964. It was a great place to work and relax in for two happy years while I was studying Forestry at Bangor. Indelible memories.
David Wood (1970, Forestry)