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For more information, including a full list of all our Halls, visit the Accommodation website.

What Uni Accommodation

What happens after I've applied?

After you've submitted your application online you'll receive an email acknowledging your application. If you don't receive an email, please check that you've submitted your application correctly. If in doubt please telephone the Halls Office on 01248 382667

What next...

In August or September you'll be sent an email asking you to log on to our web site. You'll be directed to details of your Residence Agreement which will tell you your room number, hall of residence and the costs involved. Please read all this information carefully. Do NOT accept your Residence Agreement without reading it completely because it is legally binding.

Please note:

When you've read and understood the Residence Agreement and Residence Conditions you should give your consent online. You'll then be asked to pay a deposit of £300. International students who have already paid an application fee do not need to pay another deposit. You may pay the deposit by credit/debit card or arrange to make the payment by bank transfer. 

You will normally be given 7 days to respond to the email offering you a room so it is essential that you check your email account on a daily basis during August and September. If you fail to respond, unfortunately your room may be allocated to another student.

Halls Office

The Halls Office look after all the halls and all the residents before and after they arrive in Bangor.

From April/May students are invited to choose a room in a Hall for the following September.

New undergraduate students are guaranteed accommodation in a hall of residence providing they select Bangor University as their Firm Choice and go online to choose a room before the deadline.

Students who delay making their choice until after 31 July are not guaranteed a room or may find that choice is much more limited.