What happens after I apply through UCAS?

The universities you’ve applied to will make decisions on whether to offer you a place or not. If you’re offered a place you’ll be given a Conditional or Unconditional offer. Unconditional means you’ve already met the conditions the university asks for, whilst Conditional means you’ll need to meet the conditions they set – usually by gaining certain grades in your exams.

Once all your universities have made decisions, UCAS will email you (or contact you by letter if you don’t have a valid email address) with a deadline date for your replies. You should check UCAS Track and mark your decisions there. You’re usually given at least four weeks to think things over.

You must make a Firm Choice and Insurance Choice and Decline all other offers.

What is a Firm Choice?

Your Firm Choice university should be the one you most want to attend. By making this your Firm Choice, you’re saying that you agree to study here as long as you meet the conditions of your offer.

What does Insurance Choice mean?

Your Insurance Choice is your back-up university, so if you miss out on the grades for your Firm Choice, you should hopefully have met the conditions of the Insurance Choice university. When choosing an Insurance Choice it’s wise to make sure that you’re confident you can meet those conditions. Don’t choose a university that’s asking for similar conditions as your Firm Choice. Remember, this is your back-up plan!

Am I able to change my mind later on?

Unfortunately not. By making universities your Firm and Insurance choices you’re entering into a contract with them. If you meet the conditions of your Firm choice, you must study there. If you miss out on your Firm Choice, but meet the conditions of your Insurance Choice, you must study there.