Profile of Dr Hazel Robbins

Dr Hazel Robbins
College Research Support Officer
01248 388142
2nd Floor, New Arts Building

Hazel has a degree in history from Bangor and her doctorate focused on Margaret Pole, Countess of Salisbury, 1473 - 1541.  Hazel is a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society and has published in the Welsh History Review, provided entries for the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography; The Readers Guide to British History and her book, Margaret Pole, Countess of Salisbury 1473-1541: Loyalty, Lineage and Leadership, has been published by the University of Wales Press.

Hazel is the College Research Support Officer for the College of Arts, Humanities and Business. She will help with all research related enquiries, and works closely with the College Director of Research. 

If you have an idea for a project but don’t where to obtain funding, Hazel can help identify the most appropriate funders to apply to, and is available for one to one meetings to discuss your research plans and related requirements.  Hazel can assist with the preparation and checking of proposals and costings prior to submission, she will also prepare the FEC Form needed for your research application, and works closely with REO Finance to finalise the form for sign off.

Pierce, H., Margaret Pole, Countess of Salisbury 1473-1541: Loyalty, Lineage and Leadership, (Cardiff, 2003)
Pierce, H., `The King’s Cousin:  The Life, Career and Welsh Connection of Sir Richard Pole, 1458-1504,’ The Welsh History Review, vol., 19, no., 2, December 1998.

Contributions to edited works:

Pole, Margaret, suo jure countess of Salisbury (1473–1541)
Pole, Arthur (1531/2-1570?), in Oxford Dictionary of National Biography (Oxford, 2004)

Loades, D.M., (ed.), Reader’s Guide to British History (London, 2003)

The Plantagenets, (1154-1485)
Cardinal John Morton
The Lambert Simnel Rebellion, (1487)
The Perkin Warbeck Conspiracy (1490s).