Supporting your postgraduate studies

As a postgraduate student within the College of Arts, Humanities and Business you will find a vibrant community of like minded individuals, and an excellent level of support from College staff.

Training and Support

As well as the support you will receive from your academic supervisory team, you will benefit from the CAH Graduate School’s varied portfolio of research development events and activities. These have been designed to help you become a well-rounded researcher, fully equipped with the advanced research and communicative skills needed for a career in academia today –and also to encourage you to meet with peers and other research staff across disciplines. Do make the most of these opportunities!

CAH Postgraduate Development Programme

Every year we put together a programme of research development workshops, delivered by experienced academics in the College of Arts, Humanities and Business. The workshops are tailored to suit the distinct needs of students at an early, mid and late stage in their course. By attending these workshops you will develop a range of skills that underpin success in contemporary academia, including effective research communication (written, oral, visual, digital), publishing, time-management, teaching and impact.

CAH Postgrad Café

This is an informal gathering where you will meet other postgraduate students at CAH and have the opportunity to present your research project and discuss your experiences. Watch this space for the date and venue of the next CAH Postgrad Café and follow the hashtags #PhDChat and #PhDChatBangor to join in the ongoing conversation!