Postgraduate Student Profiles

Postgraduate Student Profile - Patricia Reynolds

Patricia Reynolds, MA Criminology and Sociology student at Bangor University tells us why she chose to study at Bangor and what's it like to be a Postgraduate student here.

Postgraduate Student Profile - Rokeya Afifa

Rokeya Afifa, from Bangladesh is studying MA Sociology at Bangor University. She tells us why she chose to study at Bangor and what's it like to be a student here.

Student Profile: Shuge Zhang - PhD Sport Science

Shuge Zhang, from China, is studying for a PhD in Sport Science at Bangor University. He chats about his life as a Postgraduate International student at Bangor.

Fareed Mohammad, MSc Electronic Engineering

Fareed from Kuwait tells us about his course, his TV career in Kuwait and life in Bangor.

Madhuri Surendra

Madhuri is studying MSc Accounting and Finance at Bangor University and is living in St Mary's Student Village in Bangor. Find out what her life at Bangor is like.

Peter Bellamy- MBA Management

Peter Bellamy is a Management Consultant working in New York. He took a year out of his job to study at Bangor.

Rhodri Morgan - MBA Environmental Management

Rhodri is a qualified solicitor who decided to embark on a new challenge by pursuing an MBA at Bangor.

Aida Chilumpha - Chartered Banker MBA

Aida from Malawi tells us what she's learned from her MBA and how she hopes to appy this knowledge in her future career.

Polika D'Melo - MBA Information Management

Polika D'Melo from Goa is a Postgraduate student at Bangor University. Polika is currently studying a Masters in Information Management.

Lydia Richardson- MSc Psychological Research

Lydia Richardson, 21 is originally from Formby near Liverpool and is a Psychological Research Masters student in her 4th year at Bangor University.

MBA in Environmental Management - Interview with Charlie Wild

Environmental Management MBA student Charlie Wild tells us about the degree programme and what brought her to study at Bangor University.

Eta Uso from Nigeria, Masters in Computer and Internet Systems

Eta Uso is enjoying living and studying at Bangor University and is an active member of the Afro-Caribbean society.

Student Profile - Shanti Shanker from India, PhD in Psychology

Shanti came to Bangor to study a Master's degree, before progressing on to a PhD in Psychology. She is one of the University's International Student Ambassadors for India.