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Talking About

Talking About Reducing Stress with Exercise

Rhi Willmot has just completed a PhD in Psychology at Bangor University looking at how physical activity can reduce stress.

Talking About Wardrobe Waste - Sustainable Sequins

How much waste do you have in your wardrobe? Dr Graham Ormondroyd from the BioComposites Centre at Bangor University is working with Designer Rachel Clowes to create a sustainable sequin that will biodegrade after time.

Talking About Climate Change (Primates Vs Humans)

A group of researchers from Bangor University have recently finished a study researching the effects of climate change on primates.

Talking About The Crown

As The Crown returns for Season 3 on Netflix this month, fans will see a north Wales town transformed back into the sixties.

Talking About the Real Lion King

Dr Graeme Shannon from the School of Natural Sciences talks to us about Mufasa’s roar, Rafiki’s identity crisis and the inaccurate portrayal of the hyenas in the original Disney classic The Lion King.

Talking About VR Technology

Llyr ap Cenydd talks about the future of VR technology and how students can experience virtual reality at Bangor.

Talking About Game of Thrones' Medieval Roots

Did you know that you can study Game of Thrones as part of an English Literature Degree at Bangor University? Prof Raluca Radulescu talks about its medieval roots.

Talking About Game of Thrones - Novel V TV Series

PhD student Kate Stuart compares the novel by George R R Martin to the popular TV series

Talking About Plastic Pollution

Marine Biology student Thea Moule talks about her first hand experience of plastic pollution

Talking About Music in Gaming

PhD student Eoin Murray talks about the power of music in gaming.

Talking About Disney Remakes

Phd student Megan Rainbird talks about the big budget Disney remakes that are released this year