Welcome Week

Welcome Week - your first week at Bangor!

Ever wondered what happens during the first week at University? Find out more on our Welcome Week website

A trip to the beach!

Every year, students at the School of Sport, Health and Exercise Science enjoy a trip to the beach for Welcome Week fun and games!

Serendipity Clubs & Societies Fair

At Serendipity you get the chance to join our Students' Union's Clubs and Societies. Membership is free and there's around 150 amazing clubs & societies to choose from! Rhys Taylor, the Bangor SU president tells us more...

Making your university room homely

Watch the video for Hannah's tips on what to bring to university and how to make your room a calming, relaxing place to live and study.

Peer Guiding - Here to help you

Peer Guides are there to help you settle in when you first arrive in Bangor and give you advice and support.

Computer Science and Electronic Engineering's Welcome Week

Find out what the Computer Science and Electronic Engineering Peer Guides and freshers got up to during Bangor University's welcome week.

Welcome Week for International Students

International Students received a warm welcome at Bangor University this Welcome Week.

Psychology's Welcome Week Diary

Follow Dan, Daniel and Sarah, three Psychology students at Bangor University as they experience their first week at Bangor.