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Prof. Gary Robert Carvalho

Professor of Molecular Ecology


Location: ECW 3rd floor

Phone: 2100

Prof. Gary Carvalho undertakes research on the molecular genetic analysis of population and species biodiversity of aquatic animals, with studies aimed at understanding the evolutionary and ecological forces that shape genetic structure in the wild, and how such structure may influence adaptation, population persistence and distribution. Recent work has focused on the use of ancient DNA to explore responses in relation to long-term environmental change, DNA barcoding of marine fishes, speciation in offshore Lake Malawi cichlids and the quantitative genetics of adaptive variation. Recent first-time research achievements include: (i) a PCR-based comparative analysis of resting egg bank and contemporary populations of zooplankton contesting classical models on the extent and maintenance of genetic diversity in cyclic parthenogens; (ii) the provision of estimates of population structuring and the first comprehensive phylogeny of Lake Malawi cichlid fishes showing evidence for sympatric speciation; (iii) empirical demonstration that loss of genetic variability is associated with over-fishing in a marine fish.

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