Dr. Christian Dunn

Christian Dunn


Email: c.dunn@bangor.ac.uk

Location:  Brambell Building, 4th Floor

Phone: 01248 382098
Website: wccl.bangor.ac.uk
Twitter: @ChristianDunn

Research interests

My research covers all aspects of wetland science from wetland zoology to constructed farm wetlands (CFWs), and thawing peat-permafrost in the Arctic to decomposition in Floridian mangroves. I am particularly interested in factors which control carbon and nutrient cycling in wetlands; especially in-terms of how these can affect ecosystems, the wider environment and even our climate.


After working as a news journalist and editor for several years I returned to university to study for a PhD on wetland biogeochemistry; looking at maximising carbon sequestration in peatlands, geoengineering and climate change. I then helped establish a unique MSc on wetland science at Bangor University - which I now run alongside other teaching duties.


For an up-to-date list of my publications please visit my ReseachGate page: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Christian_Dunn

Teaching duties

Course organiser:

  • MSc Wetland Science and Conservation

Module organiser and lecturer:

  • BSM 4131 - Wetland field course
  • BSM 4132 - Wetland Classes and Biodiversity
  • BSM 4133 - Wetland Hydrology and Biogeochemistry
  • BSM 4134 - Wetland Conservation and Management


  • BSM 4135 - Wetland Ecosystem Services
  • BSX 3141 – Bio Enterprise and Employability

Offices Held

Undergraduate Admissions Tutor


SBS Board of Studies

SBS Teaching Committee