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Prof. Peter Golyshin

Chair in Environmental Genomics


Location: Room 202, ECW second floor

Phone: 3629

Prof Peter Golyshin is interested in the environmental genomics of microorganisms. He performed the first omics-based studies in marine obligate hydrocarbonoclastic bacteria that play a key role in marine oil degradation worldwide. He pioneered activity-based metagenomic enzyme discovery in cow rumen, earthworm gut and deep-sea environments.  His other significant achievements include the determination of the chaperonin-based cold adaptation in E. coli and Oleispira. His lab has isolated and described >10 microbial taxa at the level of the genus and above and performed culture-independent analysis of  deeply branching microbial phyla from extreme habitats. His current activities focus on mining (meta)genomes for enzymes of industrial relevance.

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Current projects

  • EU FP7 (OCEAN.2011-2 287589) Marine Microorganisms: Biodiversity, Bioinformatics and Biotechnology (MICROB3) 2012-2016. €300.000
  • EU FP7 Integrated Biotechnological Solutions for Combating Marine Oil Spills (Kill-Spill) 2013-2016, €312.000
  • NERC (joint with Davey Jones, SENR), Characterisation of the nature, origins and ecological significance of dissolved organic matter in freshwater ecosystems, Apr 1, 2014-May 31, 2017, £440.000
  • SynbiCITE: Innovation and Knowledge Centre (IKC) in Synthetic Biology, co-funded by EPSRC (EP/L011573/1), 2013-2018
  • Innovate UK-BBSRC Grant  No. 101911 Biotechnology for Antiweeds (BaW) (PG with Dr Slava Tverezovskiy  (BioComposites) 1.09.2014-31.08.2017, £498.000.
  • ERA-Net IB2-BBSRC [14-ERA IB] Grant Nr BB/M029085/1. A metagenomic collection of novel and highly efficient biocatalysts for industrial biotechnology (MetaCat) PI, 1.03.2015-28.02.2018, £340.000
  • EU Horizon 2020 (Contract Nr 634486) Industrial applications of marine enzymes: Innovative screening and expression platforms to discover and use the functional protein diversity from the sea (INMARE) Co-ordinator, 01.04.2015-31.03.2019, €6.000.000

Past projects

  • EU FP7. KBBE-226977 Marine Metagenomics for new Biotechnological Applications (MAMBA) 2009-2013. Coordinator, total 2.9 Mio EUR Associated with a Partner Project BEEM (CAD 10M)
  • EU FP7 KBBE-245226 Molecular Approaches and MetaGenomic Investigations for optimizing Clean-up of PAH-contaminated sites (MAGIC PAH) 2010-2014. €305.000
  • EU FP7 KBBE-266473 Unravelling and exploiting Mediterranean Sea microbial diversity and ecology for xenobiotics’ and pollutants’ clean up (ULIXES) 2011-2014. €300.000
  • Royal Society UK (2013 Russia (RFBR) cost share) Mining novel enzymes from new thermophilic microorganisms from subsurface,Sep 1, 2013-Aug 31, 2015, £12.000
  • Royal Society (RS-DFID Africa Network Grants) Assessment of water quality indices of some recreational surface waters in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa as a tool for capacity development in the impoverished Province,  Sep 1, 2013-Aug 31, 2014, £ 25.000

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  • SBS Board of Studies
  • SBS Research Committee