Staff profile

Prof. David Barrie Johnson



Location: Brambell (BART: Ground Floor)

Phone: 2358 / 2539

Professor Barrie Johnson leads a large international research group researching into various aspects of metal-microbe interactions, most specifically using micro-organisms that live in extremely acidic environments (acidophiles). He has isolated and characterized many new species of bacteria, some of which are being used in novel bio-processing systems for extracting metals from ores ("biomining") and also for recovering metals from waste streams. Professor Johnson's research has been supported by UK research councils, UK and European government,industry (most significantly, Rio Tinto) and various charities. Currently. major sponsorship comes from the EU (the BioMinE project), the Royal Society (which sponsors an Industrial Fellowship for Professor Johnson) and Rio Tinto. Professor Johnson has also acted (on two occasions) on behalf of the International Atomic Energy Authority in Peru, and has research links throughout the world. Most recently he has given invited lectures in China, Chile, Cuba, Canada and South Africa.

Offices held


  • SBS Research Committee
  • SBS Board of Studies
  • SBS Management Committee