Staff profile

Dr Katherine Jones

Lecturer, Director of Student Engagement, Programme organiser for Zoology with Animal Behaviour, Co-chair of the Student-staff liaison committee


Location: G13a Memorial Building

Phone: 2601

My research centres around how predation risk shapes variation in prey behaviour. I explore questions such as:- Why are some animals more willing to take risks than others? How does the environment (e.g. habitat complexity) shape anti-predator behaviour? How do animals respond to different types of predator?

Career History

  • 2011-present Lecturer, Bangor University
  • 2010-11 Anne Maclaren Fellowship, Nottingham University
  • 2009-10 PDRA with Graeme Ruxton, Glasgow University
  • 2008-9 Teaching fellow, APLORI, Nigeria
  • 2007-8 Commonwealth Post-doc with Jean-Guy Godin, Carleton University
  • 2003-7 DPhil, Oxford University, supervised by John Krebs (Oxford) and Mark Whittingham (Newcastle)

Offices held


  • SBS Board of Studies
  • SBS Teaching Committee