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Prof. A Deri Tomos



Location: Thoday G5

Phone: 2362 / 2365


Professor Deri Tomos leads a group investigating the behaviour of individual cells within complex organs of crops and other plants. Under the name of Single Cell Sampling and Analysis (SiCSA), this involves their biophysics (mechanics and water relations), biochemistry (metabolites and inorganic ions) and molecular biology (gene expression). More recently this has involved quantification of gene expression in single cells and on exploring methods to run single cell microarray analysis. Currently the group is developing mass spectrometry techniques (both FT-ICR-MS and MALDI-TOF – funded by BBSRC SRIF) to analyse single cell metabolites, and the use of multiphoton confocal microscopy to extend the range of cells that can be sampled or analysed in situ. Both MS techniques are also being used in global metabolome analyses. A project to exploit the joint application of biophysical (atomic force microscopy) and reporter gene technology to study cellular structures has also recently started. Current funding is also supporting the application of these ultra-fine spatial analyses to the soil component of the rhizosphere and the behaviour of depleted uranium.

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