Staff profile

Dr Nia Mererid Whiteley

Reader in Zoology


Location: Brambell E26

Phone: 8080

Research interests

Research interests cover the physiological and metabolic adaptations of aquatic organisms to environmental change, including underlying mechanisms and ecological implications. Laboratory and field based studies are used to assess the capability of marine crustaceans to adapt to environmental challenges such as changes in temperature, oxygen levels, salinity and pH. Acid-base balance, ion regulation, respiratory gas exchange, and protein turnover are examined at different levels of biological organisation and associated with thermal histories and life-history traits. Interests also include environmental modulation of growth and metabolism, and molecular regulation of muscle function in crustaceans. Collaborative projects examine the evolutionary significance of any functional changes by examining variations in genotype along natural thermal gradients. Current research projects are examining the energetic costs of physiological adjustments to ocean acidification and salinity (Saloa Project) and the energetic costs of osmoregulation.

Offices held

  • Deputy Head of School


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