Undergraduate Courses: 2018–19

The table below shows all the courses offered by the School of Biological Sciences (including our joint honours programmes) in the year 2018–19. Follow the links for details of the modules studied in each course.

The courses and modules we offer are subject to annual change. You can also view the list of courses for: 2016–17; 2017–18

Prospective students interested in an overview of the courses we offer should view our Undergraduate Courses pages.

UCAS code Course Bangor code
C100BSC BiologyBSC/B
C102BSc Biology (with International Experience)BSC/BITE
C510MBiol Biology with BiotechnologyMBIOL/BIOT
C511BSc Biology with BiotechnologyBSC/BIOT
C900BSC Biomedical ScienceBSC/BIOS
C901Biomedical ScienceBSC/BIOS4
C181MBiol EcologyMBIOL/ECOL
C352MZool Marine ZoologyMZOOL/MARZ
C101MBiol Master of BiologyMBIOL/BIO
C301MZool Master of ZoologyMZOOL/ZOO
C191BSc Medical BiologyBSC/MEDB
C192MBiol Medical BiologyMBIOL/MEDB
C305BSc Zoology with Animal Behaviour (with International Exp)BSC/ZABIE
C3C1BSc Zoology with Marine Zoology (with International Exp)BSC/ZMB
C326MZool Zoology with Herpetology with International ExperienceMZOOL/ZHIE
C300BSC ZoologyBSC/Z
C306MZool Zoology (with International Experience)MZOOL/ZOIE
C325MZool Zoology with Animal Behaviour with International ExpMZOOL/ZAIE
C302MZool Zoology with Animal BehaviourMZOOL/AB
C3D3BSC Zoology with Animal BehaviourBSC/ZWAB
C321MZool Zoology with Climate ChangeMZOOL/ZCC
C319BSc Zoology with Climate Change StudiesBSC/ZCC
C3L2BSC Zoology with ConservationBSC/ZC
CD34MZool Zoology with ConservationMZOOL/CONS
C3L3BSc Zoology with Conservation with International ExperienceBSC/ZCIE
C303MZool Zoology with HerpetologyMZOOL/HERP
C304BSC Zoology with HerpetologyBSC/ZH
C324BSc Zoology with International ExperienceBSC/ZIE
C350BSC Zoology with Marine ZoologyBSC/ZMZ
C353MZool Zoology with Marine ZoologyMZOOL/ZMZ
C318BSc Zoology with Molecular EcologyBSC/ZME
C381MZool Zoology with Molecular EcologyMZOOL/ME