Bangor Business School Courses: 2017–18

The table below shows all the courses offered by the school in the year 2017–18. Follow the links for details of the modules studied in each course.

You can also view the list of courses for: 2018–19; 2019–20

UCAS codeCourseBangor code
N4AJMSc AccountingMSC/ACC
N4AKMSc Accounting and BankingMSC/ACB
N4AGMSc Accounting and FinanceMSC/ACCFIN
N3CHMA Banking & Finance (Chartered Banker)MA/BFCB
N3CKMSc Banking & Finance (Chartered Banker)MSC/BFCB
N3ABMA Banking & FinanceMA/BIF
N3ADMBA Banking and FinanceMBA/BIF
N3AXMSc Banking and FinanceMSC/BANKFIN
N3BBMA Banking and LawMA/LBANK
N3BCMBA Banking and LawMBA/LBANK
N1AVMA Business and MarketingMA/BUSMRK
N1AXMA Business with Consumer PsychologyMA/BUSPSY
N1AYMSc Business with Consumer PsychologyMSC/BUSPSY
N3BNMBA Chartered BankerMBA/CBDL
N2AUMBA Environmental ManagementMBA/EM
N3CMMSc Finance (10 month)MSC/FIN10
N3CNMBA Finance (10 month)MBA/FIN10
N3CPMA Finance (10 month)MA/FIN10
N2ASMBA Information ManagementMBA/INFOMAN
N3CDMSc International BankingMSC/INTB
N1BGMBA International BusinessMBA/INTBUS
N3CBMSc International FinanceMSC/IF
N3CQMSc International Finance (10 month)MSC/IF10
N5ADMBA International MarketingMBA/IM
N3CCMSc Investment ManagementMSC/IMGT
N3CRMSc Investment Management (10 month)MSC/IMGT10
N3BEMA Islamic Banking and FinanceMA/IBF
N3BFMSc Islamic Banking and FinanceMSC/IBF
N3BMMBA Islamic Banking and FinanceMBA/IB
M1ALLLM Law and BankingLLM/LB
N2AFMBA Law and ManagementMBA/LMGT
N2ANMBA ManagementMBA/M
N2AOMSc Management and FinanceMSC/MANFIN
N2AQMA Management and FinanceMA/MANFIN
N1BPMSc Research MethodologyMSC/RM
N1BRPG Cert Research MethodologyCERT/RM