Information for Staff

  • The Importance of Employability – Enhancing a student’s employability is essential to obtain a job in today’s economic climate. The ability to demonstrate work based skills is vital for enhancing graduate employment and raising the profile of the University. Nowadays employers want to see more than academic achievement, graduates must be employable!
  • Supporting your School – The Careers and Employability Service provide a wide range of services to students. Click here to discover what services are offered and how you can advise your students or tutees to make the most of the service.
  • Bangor Employability Award – The BEA scheme is designed to enhance the immediate and longer term career prospects of Bangor University students. The BEA offers a career management and skills development program, whilst accrediting extracurricular activities that may not be formally recognised within the academic curriculum.
  • Your Contacts – This is a list of the specific contacts for each school and the teams within the Careers and Employability Service.
  • Useful Links– There is a vast amount of information available on the internet. Here is a selection.