Read on for information and advice about the BEA and HEAR and to find out about changes and improvements made to the BEA this summer!

My Employability Hub on My Bangor is your one-stop shop to participating in the Bangor Employability Award and recording activities for your HEAR (your academic transcript which includes additional achievements).

You can record hundreds of different activities on your employability account, from part time jobs to volunteering, training and clubs and societies – there is something for everyone!

1st year students will have a full BEA/HEAR introduction in your timetable during semester 1– check your timetable or contact us to confirm the date of the session in your school!

We also have information sessions for all undergraduates about the BEA and HEAR – come along for a full introduction to My Employability Hub, and to ask any questions that you may have:

  • Thursday, 1st November, 1pm, LR1 Main Arts
  • Tuesday, 4th December, 12pm, Alun A0:01

We’ve made some improvements to My Employability Hub over the summer, and simplified the Bangor Employability Award:

  • The Co-curricular (purple) category of activities is now an optional category – there’s no minimum XP level required from these activities
  • We’ve simplified the activity pages, and made the instructions for providing evidence clearer
  • The Core Programme online tasks and requirements have had a makeover! Tasks and online workshops can now be completed through embedded online forms, where you simply download and submit your responses after you’ve finished. 
  • We’ve published a brand new BEA online induction, explaining everything you need to know about the BEA –   

We value your feedback on the BEA. Please get in touch with us if you have any queries or problems, or just share what it is that you like about the BEA –

Publication date: 23 October 2018