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Working Abroad

There are plenty of opportunities abroad.  These can be undertaken during summer holidays, as an industrial placement or as a gap year!

There are many organisations offering paid and voluntary opportunities overseas which can prove a valuable all round experience. Please be aware that some organisations may require you to pay a fee up front.

What's on offer?

Like searching for work in the UK there are many different levels of opportunities abroad. 

Volunteering organisations such as BUNAC, Frontier, Coral Cay and Raleigh International, offer a range of opportunities overseas.  More information about volunteering organisations can be found here.

There are many companies offering to find internships or work placements for you.

As part of your degree exchanges are available through programs such as Erasmus or Leonardo da VinciWorldwide exchanges are also available, for more information contact the International Education Centre. More information on other study abroad schemes can be found here.  Advice is also available on how to make the most of your time abroad.

Generation UK is a three year campaign by the British Council that aims for 15,000 UK students to participate in study abroad or internship programs in China by 2016.

Structured programs for teaching English abroad are available in many countries; a selection of the most well-known and longest established can be viewed here.

Graduate programs are available in a wide range of multi-national organisations.

How do I find out more?

Web research is useful to look at organisations offering opportunities overseas.

Going Global offers advice such as country career guides, employer directories as well as advertisements for Jobs and Internships.

Country profiles and industry insights offer valuable information with regards working in different countries.

Information about immigration, work visas and work permits can be found here. Links to worldwide city guides by Getaway can be found here.

For further tips and ideas on Gap Years, click the video below:

With thanks to CareerPlayer, Graduate Jobs & Careers Advice on Video.

Before you start

  • Do your research into the country you are travelling or moving to.
  • Check that your passport is valid for the period while you are travelling!!
    • Most countries require your passport to be valid for 6 months after your intended departure date.
  • Make sure you've applied for the necessary visas and permits.
  • If you are enrolling on a paid program check that you have all the documentation to prove payment of registration fees.
  • Consider a language course before you go.
  • Find out if you need to exchange your driving licence.
  • Check the current proof of financial resource regulations for your chosen destination (i.e. the proof that you can afford to be in your chosen country for whatever reason.)
  • For official UK government travel advice click here.