All research undertaken by staff and students involving human participants must pass the test of adherence to Bangor University's policy on research ethics. The policy is available for download here.


The following procedure has been agreed by the College of Business, Law, Education and Social Sciences Ethics Committee:

  1. All externally funded research projects involving human participants must be notified prior to submission of proposal to the CBLESS Ethics Committee via the Chair of that committee. Approval should be sought prior to the submission, whenever that is possible, of an application for funds.
  2. All projects involving human participants, whether externally funded or not, that entail even minimal risk as defined in the research ethics document above and explained overleaf, must be submitted for review by the Ethics Committee prior to commencement.
  3. Applicants are required to write their ethics application using the below Ethics Application Form. Please provide additional information if required. The Ethics Application Form maybe be submitted as a Word document or PDF format. Please allow between 15-20 working days to receive feedback on your application. Please note that applications will be returned if they do not provide all the requested information in the Ethics Application Form.
  4. The Ethics Application Form should be signed, scanned and submitted (together with appropriate supporting forms) by email to:
  5. The following supporting documents are required with the Ethics Application Form:
    • Participant Information Sheet (MANDATORY)
    • Consent Form (MANDATORY)
    • Any other forms (e.g. letters of invitation to study participants, participant information sheets)
  6. Research on the analysis of published data, without requiring participation by vulnerable groups (see overleaf), need not be referred for ethical review, and permission can deemed to have been granted.
  7. If the College of Business, Law, Education and Social Sciences Ethics Committee recommends that approval is withheld, and the committee as a whole endorses that decision, the investigator will have the opportunity to lodge an appeal with the University Ethics Committee which has an appeals policy in place.

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