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Quick facts

  • The PGCertTHE is offered to anyone who wishes to develop their knowledge and skills in the areas of teaching, learning and assessment, including academic staff, research assistants and postgraduates. 
  • There are two Stages to completing the full award which is made up of two 30 credit modules

Frequently asked questions

How much teaching do I need to have to complete each stage?

Stage 1: You need to be involved in approximately 100 hours of teaching activity on modules in Higher Education, which are subject to Quality Assurance procedures, and about 25 hours of this should be contact with students. The remainder will be for preparation and assessment. The rationale is that you need to have enough opportunity to meet the learning outcomes of the programme, and this involves trying things out with your teaching, and then assessing the impact of your actions on student learning. As part of the portfolio which you submit for Stage 1, there is a requirement to write a reflective 2000 word assignment which describes the context of your teaching, changes to teaching that you implemented informed by relevant research and, an evaluation of the process. You need to be able to show that, at the end of this Stage, you have engaged with at least two Areas of Activity with the UK Professional Standards Framework. If you are in doubt about whether you have sufficient teaching opportunity and the chance to try out and evaluate various teaching strategies, please consult with the Course Director.

Stage 2: You need a further 60 hours and need to show engagement with all five Areas of Activity within the UK Professional Standards Framework.

How is the course assessed?

The award is assessed through a portfolio of evidence. You need to submit two hard copies to the Academic Development Unit (most colleagues choose to have them bound at university although this is not a requirement) and submit the Reflective and Evaluative Account of Teaching at Stage 1 and Stage 2 through Turnitin via the dedicated PGCertTHE Blackboard site. At Stage 2 the further two Cycles can be relaced by a 4000 word Action-based Learning Project or Negotiated Assessment which also need to be submitted via Blackboard. Full details of the assessment are contained in the Handbook available on this site. All portfolios are double-marked by two suitably qualified staff from the university.

Can I take a break after the first 30 credits?

The first stage can take up to one year to complete. If you are a full-time memeber of academic staff with a teaching contract, you are required to take both Stage 1 and 2 and have up to 3 years to complete the whole award. If the award is not a contractual requirement, you can exit after Stage 1 and return at a later time to complete the second stage should you choose. As award such as this tend to evolve to reflect the changing face of academic practices in universities, it is advisable not to have a long gap between the two stages. Please consult with the Course Director if in doubt. Up to a couple of years would generally be acceptable for a break between stages.

How many workshops do I need to attend over the course of the programme?

You need to attend at least two workshops relating to learning and teaching over the course of Stage 1. CELT run workshops which are very relevant to the programme. You can choose to attend other events either within or external to Bangor University as long as they have a learning and teaching focus. If you go on to complete Stage 2, you are required to attend 4 such events for each year regsitered at Stage 2. The important thing is to show reqular engagement with continuing professional development over the course of the programme at fairly frequent intervals and through your evaluation of each event, required for the portfolio, show how this has informed your practice.

What happens if I cannot meet the first year deadline for Stage 1 or three year deadline for Stage 2?

Colleagues can apply for an extension using a Stage 1 extension form. or Stage 2 extension form. For colleagues who have interruptions for longer periods, there are suspension of study forms available through Academic Registry.

I am an experienced teacher. Is there any point in me doing the award?

The course is compulsory for academic teaching staff with less than three years continuous teaching experience in UK higher education. Fellowship with the Higher Education Academy has become very important for all university staff in the UK. If you are uncertain about whether or not you are exempt, please contact Human Resources in the first instance. For more experience staff with sufficient and suitable teaching experience, the Higher education Academy offer a Direct Entry route. Please consult with CELT to see if this is suitable for you. The course is designed to enhance your professional practice and the student experience, as such, staff with previous experience should still be encouraged to register.

Will my Associate Fellowship or Fellowship status be transferable if I move institutions?

Accrediatation with the HEA is now nationally recognised. Some institutions have a different credit rating for awards such as this and there will be institutional differences. However, in nearly all cases, you Associate Fellowship staus can be transferred across institutions and certainly, your Fellowship status should be acknowledged.