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CPD workshops

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07.06.17 Digital Curriculum

24.05.17 Assessment for Retention Summary of retention moderation workshop (Word)
15.02.17 Internationalisation Internationalisation - Alan Edwards (Ppt)
11.05.16 NTFs Symposium Developing your teaching profile (Ppt)
27.04.16 Small Group Teaching Small Group Teaching - Kate Exley (Ppt)
27.04.16 Effective Lecturing Effective Lecturing - Kate Exley (Ppt)
06.04.16 Publishing Pedagogic Research Publishing Pedagogic Research - Tony Ghaye (Ppt)
06.04.16 New Developments in Learning through Reflective Practice Reflective Practice - Tony Ghaye (Ppt)
16.03.16 Peering into Assessment

Peer Assessment - Paul Richardson (Pdf)

Group work grading and new technologies - Fran Garrad-Cole (Pdf)

WebPA - Mikey West (Pdf)

Peer Assessment using WebPA - Jane Wright (Pdf)

09.03.16 Problem Based Learning PBL (Ppt)
13.01.16 Inclusive Learning & Teaching Inclusive L&T (Pdf)
Equality Act definitions
13.01.16 Introducing Appreciative Inquiry As A Tool For The Development Of Inclusive Practice Step by Step Guide to AI (Word doc)


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