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Teaching and Learning Research

Don't hide your light under a bushel! Publish the evidence of your teaching interventions. Tell the world how excellent Bangor University is!

The leading role of Bangor University as one of the 10 best UK teaching institutions according to the National Student Survey 2014 rests on the vibrant learning community in which students and academics have an equal voice.

A key role of CELT is to facilitate the development of educational research across the institution.

What is Educational Research?

In a nutshell, educational research is the organized approach of asking, answering, and effectively reporting a question based on evidence.

If your work improves practice, adds knowledge of how people learn or teach, develops innovative teaching units or uses novel technologies, the resources on this webpage will help you to obtain funding and to publish your findings.

Your research can be quantitative using, for example, statistics, it can be qualitative describing case studies or it can be an integrated multi-method approach. There are dedicated journals for each type of educational research which you find here on the CELT webpage.

Helpful tips about publication and grant writing are available under 1-2-3 Published! and 1-2-3 Got the Grant!