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Conference - Plants as Providers of Fine Chemicals

2013 Conference - Plants as Fine Chemicals Conference, 28th and 29th August 2013.

The plants conference is an opportunity for scientists in industry and academia to broaden their knowledge on different aspects of applied plant chemistry and network. This year’s keynote speech is on Biosprospecting. The chemistry behind traditional British herbal preparations will be explored, particularly in view of food and personal care product development. In addition, and update on green approaches to plant processing will be given. As in previous years, speakers and attendees are drawn from a wide range: Research scientists, instrument manufacturers and advisory bodies.

We are proud to announce that the 2013 keynote address will be given by Professor Marcel Jaspars from Aberdeen University, “Natural Chemical Diversity to Combat Infectious Diseases”

The other conference speakers are:

The 2013 conference will also include a special trip to Bangor University’s Treborth Botanical Garden with a special presentation and a tour of the facilities and gardens.

Sponsorship packages for 2013 are now available, and presentations slots are also currently available, for further information please contact: plants@bangor.ac.uk

Should you have any questions about the event please contact the conference organiser Dr Vera Thoss, email: v.thoss@bangor.ac.uk

The organising committee are now accepting posters for the poster session. Please inform plants@bangor.ac.uk if you will be bringing a poster to exhibit. Due to space we will only be able to accept posters that are A1 portrait orientation.

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