Postgraduate courses and research opportunities

The School of Chemistry offers an active and friendly postgraduate research environment.

We provide the following levels of postgraduate degrees:

MSc – 1 year post graduate degree courses

MRes – 1 year post graduate degree courses by research

MPhil – 2 year post graduate degree courses by research

PhD – 3 year post graduate degree courses by research

We have a vibrant, research-active community, promoting and supporting research work of the highest quality in the traditional areas of organic, inorganic and physical chemistry, complemented by other multidisciplinary chemistry programmes.

A strong commitment

There is a strong commitment to maintaining a mutually supportive culture between the research and postgraduate community and our wide-ranging undergraduate teaching programme of excellent reputation.

Full-time and part-time Masters and Diploma qualifications

In addition to excellent opportunities in research leading to Masters and PhD degrees, the school offers a number of other postgraduate courses including full-time and part-time Masters and Diploma qualification, some of which are funded.

What will a postgraduate degree involve, and what level of knowledge and skills do we anticipate from prospective students?

Postgraduate studies are advanced programmes that enable you to specialise in a sub-discipline of the subject you have already studied at undergraduate or Masters level.


For all our postgraduate programmes it is important that applicants have a sound background in chemistry. Applicants will need to have studied inorganic, organic and physical chemistry as part of their undergraduate or Masters degree, or have equivalent industrial experience. A good understanding of these areas is essential and the ability to communicate this knowledge, in writing and orally, will be necessary.

Aims of studying a research degree

We also expect our students to have a good grasp of mathematical concepts used in chemistry. The aims of studying a research degree are to establish yourself as an independent researcher, and to develop the teaching skills necessary to effectively communicate complex concepts and theories to others. Students who undertake a research degree are expected to be able to read and understand academic research papers.

If you are unsure about the level required to undertake a postgraduate degree at Bangor, you might like to have a look at the essential undergraduate text books we are using – this will give you an idea of the level we expect. These books are all readily available on line:

  • Physical Chemistry, P. W. Atkins, J. De Paula.
  • Inorganic Chemistry, C. E. Housecroft, A. G. Sharpe
  • Organic Chemistry, J. Clayden, N. Greeves, S.Warren, P.Wothers

International students entry requirements

For information and further detailed guidance on entry requirements for International Students, including the minimum English Language entry requirement, please visit the Entry Requirements by Country pages on the International Education Centre section of our website.