Industrial links

The School is keen to foster industrial links, as is clear from the large number of industrial collaborations already in place.

Research and Development Opportunities

We have a wide range of expertise that is available to industrial partners through consultancy. Additionally, we are keen to participate in more long term collaborations through schemes such as Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP), research council funded collaborations (eg EPSRC, BBSRC, NERC), such as CASE awards, European Union Funding and contract research.

The school also offers a wide range of analytical services, including the more specialised services of solid-state NMR, CHN analysis, powder diffraction, ICP, AA, mass spectrometry, GC, HPLC and SNIFTIRS. For a more detailed list of our analytical capabilities, please see our research facilities page, or contact the Chief Technician.


If you are a chemical/pharmaceutical/analytical company interested in hosting an undergraduate student on an industrial placement for at least nine months, please contact the school so that we can advertise these opportunities as widely as possible.

The school also collaborates with companies through summer student placements and masters level projects that can be carried out either in the department or in the company.

Intensive and part-time courses are available at a range of levels to provide continuing professional development.