Name Position +44 1248
Professor Michael A Beckett Professor of inorganic chemistry 388433

Academic staff

Name Position +44 1248
Dr Juma Al-Dulayymi Laboratory Academic/Senior Research Officer 388121
Dr R. Andrew Davies Lecturer in Physical Chemistry 383633
Dr Christopher D Gwenin Senior Lecturer in Physical Chemistry 383741
Dr Enlli Haf Harper Laboratory Academic/Welsh Medium Lecturer 388699
Dr Keith H. Hughes Senior Lecturer in Physical chemistry 382379
Dr Leigh Fôn Jones Lecturer of Inorganic Chemistry 382391
Dr Martina Lahmann Senior Lecturer in Organic Chemistry 382390
Dr Lorrie M. Murphy Senior Lecturer in Inorganic chemistry 382384
Dr Patrick J. Murphy Reader in Organic Chemistry 382392
Prof. Bela Paizs Professor of Chemistry 382734
Prof. Igor F. Perepichka Professor of Organic Chemistry (LCRI Chair) 382386
Dr Hongyun Tai Senior Lecturer in Organic Chemistry 382383
Dr P. John Thomas Lecturer in Physical Chemistry 382381
Dr Vera Thoss Lecturer in Chemistry 382516

Emeritus and Honorary staff

Name Position +44 1248
Prof. Mark S. Baird Professor of Organic Chemistry
Dr Alan Handley Honorary Lecturer
Mr David Hill Honorary Senior Lecturer
Prof. Charles M.S. Stirling Honorary Fellow
Prof. Deri Tomos Professor of Physiological Biochemistry
Dr Su Varma Honorary Lecturer

Research Staff

Name Position +44 1248
Dr Marc Bouillon Research Officer 388792
Dr Daniel Evans Research Officer (BEACON+) 382399
Dr Robert Hobbs Research Officer 382396
Dr Alison Jones Research Officer (BEACON+) 382380

Teaching Support Staff

Name Position +44 1248
Mr Sean Baxter Senior Demonstrator
Mari Slater-Parry Senior Demonstrator

Technical staff

Name Position +44 1248
Mr Gwynfor Davies Technician 382398
Mr Glynne Evans Technician 382522
Mr Nicholas Welsby Technician 382389

Administrative and clerical staff

Name Position +44 1248
Miss Bryony Jones Clerical Assistant 388608
Mrs Carol Jones Clerical Support Assistant (BEACON+) 388217
Miss Siobhan Jones Secretarial 382377
Mrs Caroline Randall Secretarial 382375
Mrs Tracey Roberts Office Manager 388433
Miss Stevie Scanlan College Marketing Manager 382400

Outreach staff

Name Position +44 1248
Delwen De Jong RSC Education Co-Ordinator for Wales 382759