Erasmus exchanges

From Bangor

The School offers a number of ways for you to extend your experience while completing your degree through its links overseas.

Our degrees with european experience, and the option to study abroad out of termtime, are highly valued and allow you to:

  • live and experience Europe
  • improve your career prospects
  • study with specialists
  • experience a different way of life.

Bangor has numerous contacts with other universities. You could be studying at any of the following places (not all webpages are available in English but in most of the cases you can find some information in English) :

Bern (Switzerland), Innsbruck (Austria) Prague (Czech Republic), Paris1 and Paris2 , Montpellier (3rd year and graduate students) (France), Hamburg, Hannover, Göttingen, Marburg (Germany), Padova, Trieste (Chemistry department) (Italy), Lisbon (Portugal), Madrid (Spain), Stockholm (Sweden).

You will also receive a travel and living grant!

Eligibility and general procedures

Students whishing to go on an Erasmus summer research placement must apply to the Erasmus coordinator in February preceeding the summer. It is expected that students must attain an average mark of greater than 60 % in there year two performance, i.e. those who are on the MChem programme or students on other programmes which are suitable qualified. MChem students will have a second opportunity to do their placement at the end of year 3. These students will apply in February of their 3rd year and placement is conditional on maintaining marks above 60 % on average.

Language skills

Erasmus placements during the semester require high language skills because you will be expected to follow lectures in the national language. The exchange programme is accompanied by language courses to help you improving your language skills.

For a summer placement it is usually sufficient to have some fundamental knowledge about the national language. Please contact us for further details.

Students outgoing from Bangor

Students outgoing from Bangor should obtain further details by contacting the General Office or the Erasmus coordinator at the School of Chemistry.

Coming to Bangor

We also accept many talented undergraduates from Europe and America each year to study in the department.

If you are in one of our partner institutions overseas, you can complete an ERASMUS placement either as a research project or in combination with taught modules. All modules are fully ECTS compatible.

Requirements for a placement

Please contact first your local Erasmus coordinator about requirements for a placement. Your local Erasmus coordinator will then get in touch with the Erasmus coordinator at the School of Chemistry. The number of research placements (duration is defined by the bilateral agreement between your University and Bangor University) is limited and offered on 'first come first serve' basis. The deadline for applications for the following academic year (September*) is the 1st of June. If you want to start with our second semester (Februrary*) the deadline is the 1st of November.

Securing a placement at Bangor

For further information about securing a placement at Bangor contact the Erasmus coordinator at the International Office, who will be happy to help you with all aspects of the ERASMUS programme.

As soon as you have received the forms, please send an e-mail to us (not only to the coordinator at the International Office). We will help you with all aspects related to your studies (including research projects) and other important issues.

If you are Erasmus coordinator and need further information please contact the General Office or the Erasmus coordinator at the School of Chemistry.

*For up-to-date information about semester (term) dates check the Academic Calendar.