Cwrs Canol-Wlpan - Mid-Wlpan Courses  Entry/Foundation Level

As Wlpan beginners’ courses are offered on a variety of different formats and as each group works through the course file at a different pace, all our continuation Wlpan classes will be restarting at different points in September.  The “Uned” column within the course details offers some guidance as to that starting point.  If you already know some Welsh, you will be welcome to join one of these groups.  As the full course is 44 units in total, the starting point noted will give a broad outline of the level of the group, but do please contact your local Tutor-Organiser if you would like further guidance.

As we are in the middle of a restructuring process, a few groups on this level are mid-way through a different course book (e.g. Cwrs Mynediad, Cwrs Llafar, Cwrs Sylfaen).  Those groups will continue to work through those materials until they have completed their current course book.

The fee for these courses does not include any course materials, but copies will be available for purchase at the first class if required.