Cwrs Pellach - Intermediate Level

Cwrs Pellach is a follow-up course for learners who have completed Cwrs Wlpan or Cwrs Sylfaen or at an equivalent level.  They will be familiar with most of the basic patterns of spoken Welsh, so this course aims to revise, consolidate, practise and extend those patterns so as to build up learners’ oral competence and confidence.  Cwrs Pellach also includes listening and reading comprehension tasks and some basic written work is introduced.

As with the Wlpan, we offer Cwrs Pellach on a variety of formats, ranging from 2 to 5 hours per week.  Learners will take between 18 months and 3 years to complete the course, depending on the format chosen.   We also offer an intensive Superpellach,  15 hours/three days a week at Bangor, from January 2017.  Those attending this course will complete the full Pellach file by June 2017. 

Again, as with the Wlpan, we are offering all courses for the same fee, in the hope that prospective learners will make their choice on the basis of the maximum number of hours they can commit to learning rather than on the basis of cost.  However, the fee for those starting the Pellach course afresh includes the course materials, whereas the fee for classes where the group are already part-way through the file does not. Copies will be available for purchase at the first class if required.

The Pellach Parhad (Continuation) section of the programme gives a broad idea as to where in the course file the group will restart in September.  There are 18 units in the full course. 

It is possible to take the Use of Welsh Intermediate examination (equivalent to GCSE) on completion of Cwrs Pellach.