Cwrs Wlpan (Entry Level)

What is an 'WLPAN' Course?

The word 'Wlpan' comes from the Hebrew meaning ‘studio'. It has been adopted as the name for the most successful intensive Welsh course for over thirty years. Classes are usually held for between three and five hours a week so as to enable students to master the basic Welsh as quickly as possible. All emphasis is on conversational Welsh. All the Wlpan courses cater for absolute beginners, but will progress at quite a rapid pace. By the end of the course, conscientious students can expect to be able to converse simply in Welsh. Follow-up courses will be offered to all groups to ensure continued progress.

It is possible to take the Use of Welsh Entry Examination during this course, if desired.

The Wlpan is a well-established conversational course for complete beginners.  The focus will be on developing speaking and listening skills, although there will be some reading and writing to reinforce the learning.  Participants will be familiar with all the basic patterns of spoken Welsh and should be able to hold basic everyday conversations by the end of the course.

We offer the course on a variety of formats:

  1. Intensive Superwlpan,  23 hours/five days a week at Bangor.  Those attending this course will complete the full Wlpan file by Christmas and can then move straight on to the Superpellach course (see below) in January.
  2. Fast-track Wlpan, 3 – 4 hours per week.  The extended hours will mean that learners will build up a good learning momentum and should complete the full Wlpan course in two years. The fast-track is available in two formats:
    • 3 – 4 hours per week of purely class-based learning
    • “Half and Half” courses, where learners usually attend classes for 2.5 hours a week but are expected to do the remainder of the work on-line in their own time.  The on-line element will include video lessons, interactive text and audio resources and mobile apps. 
  3. Regular Wlpan, 2 hours per week.  Learners can pick up the language at their own pace and benefit from more time to absorb the course material.  The full Wlpan course will take 3-4 years to complete on this basis.

In the past, course fees have reflected the hours involved, so more intensive courses have always been more expensive.  However, as a pilot scheme this year, we are offering all courses for the same fee, in the hope that prospective learners will make their choice on the basis of the maximum number of hours they can commit to learning rather than on the basis of cost.

The course fees include all the core materials.  Revision CDs accompanying the course can be purchased separately if you wish to buy them.

If formal qualifications are important to you, it will be possible to take the Use of Welsh Entry examination when you are half way through the Wlpan file and the Use of Welsh Foundation examination on completion of the Wlpan.