Clearing Success Stories

Ryan McstravickRyan Mcstravick

Ryan Mcstravick – Medical Sciences (BMedSci)

Ryan McStravick from Belfast is a 3rd year Medical Sciences student.

There is so much variety within the course. It truly gives you a wide foundation to build the rest of your future career and allows you to shine amongst the crowds.

Cyan WilliamsCyan Williams

Cyan Williams – Chemistry

Cyan, from Dunmow in Essex, has now been accepted to pursue a PhD at the University of Cambridge.

I’m so glad that everything turned out well in the end and I loved my time in Bangor. I’m sad to be leaving Bangor, with its lovely beaches and mountains, and the life I’ve made for myself here.

Hannah PowellHannah Powell

Hannah Powell – Sport Science

A rejected job application due to a lack of the skills made Hannah consider her long-term future, and prompted her to apply to university through clearing. Three years on, one of Bangor University’s elite athletes swapped the medal podium for the graduation stage.

Coming to University was a last minute decision I made after failing to get a job I applied for because I didn’t have relevant qualifications. I woke up the next day knowing I had to do something to help me get a career that I would enjoy!

Jessica NixonJessica Nixon

Jessica Nixon – Biomedical Sciences

Jessica Nixon is from Lancashire and came to Bangor University through Clearing to study Biomedical Science.

The administration side of it was really easy and everyone was really helpful! They made the whole registration process simple and stress free as well as ensuring I got the accommodation that I wanted.

Henry WilliamsHenry Williams

Henry Williams – Business Economics

Henry Alexander Williams came to Bangor University through Clearing. He is now studying BSc Business Economics.

When I got my results, I was put in Clearing. My options were to either re-sit or start calling universities. I decided to call Bangor because I was already familiar with the area and knew what the uni was like. I was very relieved when I got the offer!

Thomas EckersleyThomas Eckersley

Thomas Eckersley – Law

Thomas Eckersley thought his dreams of becoming a doctor were shattered when he failed to meet the grades he required to study Medicine.

Bangor University seemed friendly and welcoming when I rang Clearing.