Clearing Helpline

Give us a call on the Helpline for help and advice - 0800 085 1818.

More information

Take a look at our University accommodation website for more details on our Halls of Residence.

Guaranteed accommodation for Clearing applicants

If you confirm your place at Bangor and apply for accommodation within the given time-frame we can guarantee you a place in University accommodation.

When you’ve selected Bangor University as your Clearing choice on UCAS Track, you will be sent an *e-mail with details of how to apply for a place in University halls of residence. The email will be sent to you 24–48 hours after you have selected Bangor University on UCAS Track.

You will be asked to go online and complete an application for a room in university halls of residence. The sooner that you confirm that you are taking up your Clearing place at Bangor University the sooner you can make your halls application.

To be eligible for the guarantee of accommodation you need to:

  • Choose Bangor as your Clearing choice by Friday 23 August at the latest
  • Apply for your place in halls by Friday 30 August at the latest.

* Please note:

The accommodation e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address you provided to UCAS. So you need to ensure that your contact details (and in particular your e-mail address) are correct at UCAS.

Contacting us

Call us on 0800 085 1818 if you need any assistance.