Staff List

The following staff have roles at College level, but you may also wish to view details of staff in our constituent academic schools.

Name +44 1248 Position
Professor Colin Jago 382866 Dean of College
Jane Lee 382603 Personal Assistant to Dean of College and College Manager
Dr Antony Halsall 388786 College Manager
Graham Bird 388076 College Director of Teaching and Learning
Professor John Healey 383703 College Director of Research
Dr Michelle Jones 383738 Research Support Officer
Dr James McDonald 383077 Director of College Graduate School
Dr John Latchford 382524 College Health and Safety Officer
Elwen Jones 383089 Finance Manager
Dr David Assinder 382854 Deputy College Manager (Teaching and Quality Assurance)
Carol Scott 382439 Deputy College Manager (Marketing and Human Resources)
Chris Parry 382314 Graduate School Administrator
Dr Shaun Russell 353034 Director, Treborth Botanic Garden
Natalie Chivers 353398 Curator, Treborth Botanic Garden
Jane Smith 353034 Administrator, Treborth Botanic Garden
Rosie Kressman 353398 Horticultural Technician