The University’s Ethics Committee is a standing committee of Council and is responsible for setting policy on ethical matters, the Ethics Committee also advises on broad strategies for ethics and monitors the University’s overall performance rather than considering individual matters such as research proposals. 

The University’s Research Ethics Policy can be found here.

Who to Contact

The Ethics Committee has devolved responsibility for the ethical review and approval process to School / College based Academic Ethics Committees.

The College of Physical & Applied Sciences, due to low volumes of ethical review requests, feeds all of its enquiries or requirements for Ethical review through the Ethics Committee of the College of Natural Sciences. 

The first point of contact for the Ethics Committee is John Latchford*:

* Please provide John Latchford a summary of the project for him to decide if a full review is required.

Grant Applications

Usually there is no need to obtain ethical approval for proposals before submission unless the subject of the proposed research is particularly sensitive or complex in which case the researcher may wish to seek an initial response at an early stage from the Chair of the appropriate Academic Ethics Committee. Normally ethical review can take place once a decision to fund a project has been received. However most funders ask for information on ethical issues as part of their grant application process.