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What is TEF?

For the first time ever, teaching quality in Universities has been measured nationwide. The Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) is designed to recognise, reward and improve teaching excellence in Higher Education providers across the UK.

TEF's aim is to give students clear, understandable information about where the best teaching is on offer, helping them make informed decisions on where to choose.

Institutions have been awarded Gold, Silver or Bronze ratings for their teaching quality across the whole institution.

How is the TEF assessed?

There are three assessment criteria in the TEF:

  1. Teaching quality
  2. Learning environment
  3. Student outcomes and learning gain

Universities have been assessed against these criteria through six core metrics and a 15 page Provider Submission demonstrating the impact and effectiveness of teaching initiatives across the university.

Following our submission, Bangor University has achieved a Gold Award, the highest rating possible, in the national Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF).