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Procurement Law, Strategy and Practice by Distance Learning LLM


Course facts

  • Name: Procurement Law, Strategy and Practice by Distance Learning
  • Qualification: LLM
  • Duration: Duration: 2 years, part-time by distance learning. January or September start date. For candidates who do not wish to proceed to the Masters level, there are also 2 exit qualifications available: a Postgraduate Certificate and a Postgraduate Diploma, depending on the number of modules completed.


In the following section, you will find key information about our distance learning programme in Procurement Law, Strategy & Practice, including a range of testimonials from our students.

Key Programme Features

  • A unique distance learning LLM Master’s programme in procurement from Bangor University Law School and the internationally renowned Institute for Competition & Procurement Studies.
  • One of the few Master’s programmes in the world to combine procurement law and procurement strategy, and possibly the only one specifically designed to be delivered entirely via the distance learning medium.
  • Provides total flexibility to study around work and family commitments, with the programme designed to be sensitive to the needs of busy professionals, and delivering considerable pastoral support to learners, alongside flexible payment options.
  • A suite of learning and teaching materials are provided for each learning session of each module – including lecture materials, study guides, case studies, exercises, self-test questions, as well as carefully tailored additional reading materials.
  • All lectures are recorded (including live sessions), so there is not a requirement to be on-line at any specific times and there is no physical requirement to visit the United Kingdom.
  • Can be successfully completed within 2 years, and commenced in either January or September of each year.
  • Delivers practical and contemporary content to elevate knowledge, skills and understanding in the legal rules surrounding regulated procurement, as well as core business and strategy elements of procurement.
  • Ideally suited to those who have some practical experience, but want to underpin and deepen their knowledge with relevant theory and latest good practice.
  • Benefits employers in many varied ways, including the opportunity to focus the Applied Procurement Research Project element of the programme (= dissertation) on an area of interest to your employer (or a future employer).
  • Programme delivery is supplemented through use of prestigious guest lecturers and unique case studies showcasing best practice procurement.
  • Responds directly to the increasing demand for professionalism in procurement, as well as the need for procurement modernisation.

Course Description

This innovative distance learning programme will equip students with the key skills required to occupy senior level positions within public and private sector procurement. Our course is one of the few Master’s programmes to combine procurement law and procurement strategy.

Specifically designed to be delivered entirely through distance learning, this course provides an exciting opportunity to gain a prestigious Master’s level qualification for those interested in developing a specialisation in procurement law, strategy and practice but who wish to remain in full-time work whilst engaging in part-time study.

The programme will provide a springboard for those already working in procurement related professions to accelerate their career progression, and for those who have a desire to pursue a career in this area, it also provides a unique opportunity to rapidly elevate understanding and to enter the profession at a senior level.

The course will be delivered by the expert multi-disciplinary team at Bangor University’s internationally recognised Institute for Competition & Procurement Studies, supplemented by expert guest masterclasses, and is designed for those who do not wish to physically relocate to the UK for the duration of their studies.

Key Course Facts

This is a 2-year part-time programme, upon successful completion of which the candidate will be awarded an LLM Masters in Procurement Law, Strategy and Practice.

In order to gain the LLM Masters in Procurement Law, Strategy and Practice, students must succesfully complete 8 modules plus the Applied Procurement Research Project.

For those who do not wish to proceed to the Masters level, we offer two exit qualifications:

  • Postgraduate Certificate in Procurement Law, Strategy and Practice. For the Postgraduate Certificate, candidates must successfully complete 4 modules (normally taken over a 1 or 2 year period);
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Procurement Law, Strategy and Practice. For the Postgraduate Diploma , candidates must successfully complete 8 modules (normally taken over a 2 year period).

To view Frequently Asked Questions about our programme, please click here.

Student Testimonials

Fabian Xochipa, Advisor Public Purchasing Strategies, Mexico City's Digital Agency for Public Innovation

In the video below, Fabian Xochipa from Mexico talks about studying on the procurement LLM at Bangor University in the context of his Chevening Scholarship

Aleksandra Haker, Procurement Advisor, Southend on Sea Borough Council, UK

“Without doubt, professional development is essential in a fast moving discipline such as procurement, and this is definitely what is on offer from Bangor University’s Masters programme in Procurement Law, Strategy and Practice. This high quality distance-learning programme provides an in-depth focus on a number of core subject areas and has substantially elevated my knowledge and understanding, providing me with a “helicopter” perspective of procurement strategy and procurement law issues. The flexibility of when and where to study and clear scheduling of study sessions, alongside approachable lecturers who operate an “open door” policy, allows me, a full-time working Mum, to continue to progress my career and passion for procurement, whilst maintaining a healthy work / life /study balance. This supportive delivery mode is invaluable to me!” 

Andrei Bennett, Chief Public Procurement Policy Officer, Ministry of Planning & Finance, Jamaica

“I chose the LLM in Procurement at Bangor University primarily because of the University's renowned scholarship in the area of public procurement and competition law. As one of the few universities in the United Kingdom with a dedicated procurement law research centre, Bangor has made significant contributions to the scope and development of procurement law and practice not only in the United Kingdom and the European Union, but also in regions in Africa and Latin America and the Caribbean. Having completed my LLM, I have gained considerable confidence in making procurement law decisions, both in my former operational role, and in the policy and regulatory sphere in which I now function. The Bangor LLM facilitates the development of a deeper understanding of the underlying bases of procurement regulation and practice, thus allowing candidates to develop critical analysis and problem solving skills that are essential and demanded from the procurement professional interested in achieving the highest levels of excellence in government procurement.”

Michael Sellors, Procurement Business Partner, STAR procurement (shared procurement service for Rochdale, Stockport, Tameside and Trafford Councils), UK 

Undertaking the LLM in Procurement at Bangor University proved both challenging and rewarding, particularly given I was re-entering higher education after a number of years 'away'. What helped me enormously in terms of my studies was the extent to which I was able to benefit from the significant knowledge and experience of the lecturers; all acknowledged experts in their field. The lecturing team were also incredibly supportive to “new” students and were able to assist me on a professional level over the duration of the programme.

No doubt about it, graduating with an LLM in procurement has helped me secure 2 promotions in a short period as I was not only able to better demonstrate and support a sound understanding of the legalities and flexibilities of public procurement, but also the complex strategic elements and soft skills that are essential to decision making and successful influencing. My employers have also benefited in other ways, for example in relation to my wider understanding in relation to risk management and in relation to identifying alternative methods of securing value for money, as well as means of securing excellent service delivery from suppliers.

Fraser Macdonald, Senior Indirect Buyer, Otto Group

“Studying the distance learning LLM in Procurement Law, Strategy and Practice whilst working full-time has proved invaluable to me in a number of key ways. In particular, it has enabled me to further progress my academic and practical understanding of European procurement frameworks, as well as the strategic issues facing procurement in an ever-changing modern world, and to apply this new knowledge at work for the benefit of my employers. No doubt about it, by providing access to the latest academic and practical thinking, it has provided me with the opportunity to fundamentally enhance my career prospects and to potentially specialise my career path in areas surrounding procurement law and procurement strategy development.”     

Gwen Thomas, Senior Procurement Officer, Grŵp Cynefin, Wales, UK

“Studying procurement at Master’s level at Bangor University Law School provided me with the opportunity to rapidly develop my understanding and knowledge of public procurement regimes and has given me a very strong foundation to develop a career within the domain of procurement.

I benefitted greatly from the practical knowledge and experience of the programme’s lecturers and the way the learning sessions were delivered in such a practical way. The opportunity for dialogue with the lecturers also gave me confidence to apply my knowledge to real life situations.”

Abraham Oteri, Commander, Nigerian Navy

“Participating on Bangor University’s LLM Master’s Programme in Procurement has been of tremendous benefit to me. The programme proved a rich and rewarding experience and exposed me to the essential elements of procurement law and procurement strategy that any procurement professional should have to hand. The benefits for me have been self-evident, not only bringing about a significant improvement in my output at the workplace, but also giving me the confidence that when I undertake my procurement roles, I do so with a very high level of knowledge. I highly encourage graduates and working professionals from any discipline to partake in the programme and can assure those that do, that it will provide excellent career enhancement opportunities.”                          

Tiffany Adams, Procurement officer, Guyana National Procurement and Tender Administration (NPTA)

“An LLM in Procurement from Bangor University is a must have for any procurement professional interested in effecting real change to their country's public procurement system. The programme provides participants with the opportunity to learn about best practices in public procurement that can be adapted to their country's situation regardless of its level of development.

As a participant on this course, I have been able to craft strategies for sustainable public procurement as part of the “Mainstreaming Low-Emission Energy Technologies to Build Guyana's Green Economy” project being implemented by the Office of Climate Change in Guyana.  In addition, I am currently developing strategies aimed at reducing public procurement corruption in Guyana, a major focus of my dissertation.”

Muhammad Wanka, Assistant Director Legal, Directorate of Procurement, Headquarters Nigerian Air Force, Abuja

“I made the decision to study with Bangor University to broaden my knowledge of public procurement, particularly within the specific field of defence procurement. What I ended up getting was far more than I ever anticipated! The LLM Master’s programme in procurement provided me with a unique educational journey, something quite special, where I was able to learn about global best practice in procurement and benefit from listening to inspiring speakers from around the world, who have proved central to modernising procurement practice within their countries. Procurement study at Bangor really is a “one stop shop” for anybody interested in building a high level of expertise in procurement and who are interested in ‘fast-tracking’ their procurement careers.”

Course content is for guidance purposes only and may be subject to change.

Course Content

This course delivers practical and contemporary content to elevate knowledge, skills and understanding of the legal rules surrounding regulated procurement, as well as core business and strategy elements of procurement. 

The course consists of the following taught modules:

  • Procurement Law and Practice
  • Procurement Relationships & Ethics
  • Contract Design & Management
  • Procuring Innovation
  • Strategic Issues in Procurement
  • International Procurement Regulation
  • Leadership & Risk Management
  • Research Methods & Skills

For the full Masters qualification, students must also complete the Applied Procurement Research Project (an 18,000-20,000 word project comparable to a dissertation). Students undertake a research topic of their choice linked to the programme, and potentially to employer interests.

Distance Learning - How will you learn?

  • In order to maximise flexibility for students to study around work and family commitments, teaching will be mainly by pre-recorded lecture, however for each module there will be one live session designed to coincide with the release of the assignment (also recorded).
  • A range of other learning materials will be provided to support students for most learning sessions of each module, including: study guides, case studies, exercises, self-test and self-reflective questions / exercises, and carefully tailored additional reading materials. The study guides provide core foundational material in plain English for students to read prior to each lecture.
  • Our virtual “open-door” policy means students will also be able to engage with module leaders on a one-to-one basis, helping to ensure that they are progressing well and keeping up with their studies.
  • Core programme delivery will be supplemented through organised guest lectures and unique case studies that demonstrate best practice procurement.
  • All assessments will be by assignment (usually a written assignment) thus providing a 360-degree distance learning delivery mechanism.
  • Rather than deliver multiple modules simultaneously, our policy is to deliver one module at a time, thus enabling students to adopt a very focused and efficient approach to their studies and providing the optimal scope to achieve a work / life / study / family balance.
  • All our learning materials will be distributed via our on-line learning system blackboard and will be released weekly to enable module participants to digest these materials in bite-sized chunks.
  • There is no requirement to visit the UK for any element of the course.

Modules for the current academic year

Module listings are for guide purposes only and are subject to change. Find out what our students are currently studying on the Procurement Law, Strategy and Practice by Distance Learning Modules page.

Entry Requirements

A 2.ii undergraduate degree (or equivalent) in a relevant discipline such as Law, Business, Management, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Marketing, Engineering (or related discpline).

We also welcome candidates who have a suitable professional qualification (e.g. MCIPS). Applicants with 3 years or more work experience in a procurement-related field, but without a degree will be considered on an individual basis.

International Students

International applicants are normally required to provide evidence of English language proficiency. However, this requirement may be waived where the UK Home Office rules so provide. For clarification, please email to our Admissions Advisor for more information:  

For information and further detailed guidance on entry requirements for International Students, including the minimum English Language entry requirement, please visit the Entry Requirements by Country pages on the International Education Centre section of our website.

Ask our Admissions Team for assistance...

If you want advice or a general chat about what’s available please contact our Admissions Team on +44 (0) 1248 382085 or email 


Home / EU Students

Apply online yourself with the help of our Guidance Notes on online application for Home/EU students. We strongly recommend you read these before you start to apply online. 

Once you have read the Guidance Notes you should apply using our Online Application form.

Need help applying? Home/EU students please contact: 

Phone: +44 (0) 1248 382907

International Students

Need help applying? International students please contact: 

Phone: +44 (0) 1248 382907

When to apply?

The University will accept applications throughout the year, and the course has two annual intakes (January and September). We advise that you submit your application form as soon as possible to ensure that there is sufficient time to obtain documents such as transcripts and references. This will also give you more time to meet any conditions we may potentially attach to an offer.


Careers and Employability

This programme will be of interest to a range of prospective students, particularly those who are working in a procurement role in either the public or private sectors and who wish to accelerate their career progression. 

The course is suitable for those not yet in full-time employment, but who have a desire to pursue a career in this area. The focus on procurement law, strategy and practice will equip students with the portfolio of key skills required to occupy senior level positions within public and private sector procurement.

Candidates will also develop their legal and procurement management expertise, with this course providing a springboard for career progression in Public or Private Sector Procurement, or into public or private bodies, all of whom have procurement functions, which need to be serviced.

Those already working in industry will develop their expertise in order to advance their career prospects, and upgrade their level of skills.

Employer Benefits

Employers from both the public and private sectors can benefit significantly from sending their employees on this programme:

  • Participation on the programme will rapidly elevate employee knowledge, understanding and skills in relation to procurement law, strategy and practice, providing direct (bottom-line) organisational benefits.
  • The Applied Procurement Research Project can be focused on a topic of specific relevance to organisational needs. 
  • Use of prestigious guest lecturers and unique Case Studies will help promote the adoption of best practice procurement throughout the organisation.

The programme’s focus on procurement law, strategy and practice will assist in mitigating organisational risk, particularly in the context of legal certainty.

Research / Links with Industry

The delivery programme is led by Bangor University’s internationally-recognised Institute for Competition and Procurement Studies, with its multi-disciplinary team of senior academics.

The Institute for Competition & Procurement Studies (ICPS)

Bangor University has achieved a GOLD AWARD (the highest rating possible) in the UK Government’s Teaching Excellence Framework. Bangor was one of the first set of UK universities to be awarded GOLD in 2017, placing us in the top tier of UK Universities for teaching excellence. Dr Ama Eyo, who lectures on the Masters programme, has also featured as a finalist (top 6) in the Oxford University Press Teacher of the Year.

Bangor Law School, which houses the Institute for Competition & Procurement Studies, home to the Procurement Masters programme, is the no.1 ranked Law School in Wales (Guardian 2020 rankings, ranking Bangor in the Top 20 UK Law Schools).

The work of the Institute for Competition & Procurement Studies has been recognised both nationally and internationally by industry bodies and Governments: every year the Institute attracts top names from around the globe to speak at its unique Procurement Week conference.

The Institute is also a major player in the international applied procurement research field, being either a lead partner or co-partner in many European or global procurement research initiatives.

The Institute’s work on the Winning in Tendering EU-funded project, seeking to identify and break down barriers to procurement and tendering, was shortlisted for Best International Procurement Project Award by the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply Annual Awards in London; and the research work of the Institute has been recognised by the UK Government for research excellence at international level in the Universities Research Excellence Framework, which recognised the Impact of the Institute’s research on the “real world”, such as the adoption of the Institute’s research by the Welsh Government to provide the basis for breaking down barriers inhibiting small business seeking to win Government and public sector business.

Recent guests at Institute events have included top level officials from the European Commission in Brussels; the World Trade Organisation in Geneva; the First Canadian Procurement Ombudsman; the Crown Commercial Service; major Judicial figures; procurement thinkers from leading global corporations including Apple, Siemens, Fujitsu, Novartis; leading Procurement professors such as Prof. George Schooner (USA); Prof. Geo Quinot (South Africa); Prof. Gustavo Piga and Prof. Roberta Caranta (Italy) amongst many others; as well as speakers from top international law firms including Freshfields, Norton Rose Fulbright, & Hogan Lovells.


Programme Fees include:

 Full suite of course and learning materials, including:

  • Module Handbook.
  • 16 hours teaching per module
  • Study guides for most sessions of each module 
  • Carefully selected additional reading materialsper session
  • Self-test questions / self-reflective exercises / case studies
  • Contributions from prestigious guest lecturers
  • Additional one-to-one student support from module leaders
  • Access to the University’s on-line learning system
  • Access to the University’s on-line library
  • Personal tutor support.
  • All assessments.
  • One-to-one support to students for their Applied Procurement Research Project.

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