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Capital Programmes Board

The Capital Programmes Board was set up with the approval of the University's Council in July 2015 to oversee capital projects and to ensure that sound governance and project management is applied to both the initial development of proposals for capital projects and, subsequently, their delivery to time, quality and cost:

Terms of Reference 

The terms of reference of the Capital Programmes Board are:

The CPB ….

  1. is the commissioning body for capital projects and responsible for approval of all capital projects
  2. is the single point of receipt of capital plans from all sources
  3. is the first level of screen for new capital spend proposals
  4. has three possible options for action on Project proposals:
    1. Authorise projects
    2. Enter into dialogue with the Project Sponsor on concerns, and request changes to the proposed project or the project documentation.
    3. Reject projects
  5. is also responsible for the wider context of capital developments
  6. will own and oversee the whole capital programme
  7. takes the long-term view to ensure that projects and the whole programme is affordable and fits with the University's strategy
  8. ensures that space implications and life time costs are considered
  9. has management oversight of all capital projects
  10. will commission post completion reviews


CPB Membership includes:

  1. Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Chair)
  2. All Pro Vice Chancellors
  3. Director of Finance
  4. Director of Planning
  5. Director of Estates