Profile of Dr Kate Taylor-Jones

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Dr Kate Taylor-Jones
Senior Lecturer in Visual Culture/Director of Undergraduate Studies and International Officer
01248 383656
JP Hall

I have quite a varied background with a degree in Drama and English Literature from Goldsmith College London; an MA in European Cinema from University of Exeter and my PhD, also from Exeter, examined the philosophy of the body in feminist film.  I have worked and lived in Japan, Australia, France, Belgium and South Korea and conduct research around the globe focusing on a variety of topics (listed below). I am also involved in various women’s education and Rape and Sexual Abuse prevention and aid programs.

I am the Founding Journal Editor of the East Asian Journal of Popular Culture (Intellect Press) with John Berra and Ann Heylen and my research interests broadly lie in the following areas:

  • Colonial Cinema: with a focus on Japan and Francophone world.
  • Representation of Prostitution, Sex Work and Sex Trafficking
  • Representation of the body in Visual Culture and Literature

Current projects include:

  • An AHRC funded monograph entitled: Divine Work’ The Greater East Asian Film Sphere and the legacy of pan-Asian Visual Culture” focusing on the establishment, aims and legacy of the Japanese Colonial Cinema project.
  • An innovative research project examining the representation of bride kidnapping and enforced marriage in film
  • Examining the question of Cultural Translation and the massacre at Nanjing.

I am interested in supervising PhD students in any of the following areas:
World Cinema especially East Asia, Colonial Cinema, Gender in Visual Culture, Women Directors, Prostitution, Sex Work and Sex Trafficking in Visual Culture, questions of the body in Visual Culture including film, literature and performance art.

Courses I currently teach include:

  • Visual Culture: Seeing the World
  • Visual Culture: The Body
  • Visual Culture: Race and Gender
  • World Cinema
  • Film and Visual Culture Research Methodologies
  • Media and Cultural Theory

Administrative Responsibilities:

  • Director of Undergraduate Studies
  • Chair of the Special Circumstances Committee
  • International Officer


Monograph studies:

  • Taylor, K. (2013) Rising Sun and Divided Land: Contemporary Japanese and Korean Film Directors, Columbia University Press Wallflower Press Imprint.


Rising Sun and Divided Land provides a comprehensible, academic and informative examination of the historical background, films and careers of selected Korean and Japanese film directors. This book examines eight directors in total: Fukasaku Kinji, Im Kwon-teak, Kawase Naomi, Miike Takashi, Lee Chang-dong, Kitano Takeshi, Park Chan-wook and Kim Ki-duk. This study presents the works of the directors on multiple levels: as reflections of personal visions but also as works that respectively engage with globalisation, colonialism, nationalism, race, gender, history and the contemporary state of Japan and South Korea. The chapters on the individual directors are each followed by a short analysis of a selected film and Rising Sun Divide Land also includes a cinematic overview of Japan and South Korea and a further reading and viewing list that will be beneficial to any student or scholar interested in the subject.

  • AHRC grant funded monograph Study, ‘‘Divine Work’ The Greater East Asian Film Sphere and the legacy of pan-Asian Visual Culture’ (in preparation)
  • Taylor, K (2015) “Catch you every man his wife”: Culture, Gender and Bride Kidnapping, (in preparation)

Collected editions:

  • Taylor, K and Handyside, F. (Forthcoming 2015) 'Global Cinemas and Girlhood', Lonadon and New York: Palgrave Macmillan Press.
  • Taylor, K and Hipkins, D. (Forthcoming) ‘The Oldest Cliche in the World?: The Prostitute in Global Cinema’.

Book Chapters:

  • Taylor, K (2014) ‘Remembering Nanjing: Cultural Translation and the cinematic legacy of filming genocide’ in Archive Orientani Special Edition on Cultural Translation and East Asia, Ying. Y. and Taylor. K. (eds)
  • Taylor, K (Forthcoming 2015) ‘Girlhood in a Warzone: African Child Soldiers on Film', in Taylor, K and Handyside, F. ‘Global Cinemas and Girlhood’, London and New York: Palgrave Macmillan Press.
  • Taylor, K (forthcoming) Sacrificial Violence: Prostitution, violence and post war Japanese Cinema in Taylor and Hipkings ‘The Oldest Cliche in the World?: The Prostitute in Global Cinema’
  • Taylor, K (2013) ‘Colonial Dreaming: Japanese Imperial Cinema and Landscape’ in in Harper. G. and Rayner. J(ed) Film Landscapes: Cinema, Environment and Visual Culture. Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Press.

  • Taylor, K. (2012) ‘East Asian Co-Production and the new Eastern Film Wave’ in De-Westernizing Film Studies,  Higbee, W & Maty Ba, S (ed) De-Westernizing Film Studies, Routledge, London: Routledge
  • Taylor, K. & Maty Ba, S. (2012) ‘Different Body Same Face, Karmen Gei and ZouZou’ in Higbee, W & Maty Ba, S (ed) De-Westernizing Film Studies, Routledge

  • Taylor, K. (2011) ‘Wordslinger’: Visualising Physical Abuse in a Virtual Environment’ in North, B et al (eds) Online Gaming on Context: the social and cultural significance of online games. London: Routledge Press.

  • ‘Taylor, K. (2010) Crisis, economy and landscape: the modern face of New China ‘ in Harper. G. and Rayner. J(ed) Cinema and Landscape: Film, Nation and CulturalGeography, UK: Intellect Press, pp. 219-231


  • Why do I Dance, Why do I breath’ in Journal of Dancing and Writing (Korean Language Journal) KUMA (2008)
  • Taylor, K. (2007) ‘Women as duality in post-war Japan’ in Hipkins. D and Plain, G (eds) War-Torn Tales: Representing Gender and World War II in Literature and Film, Bern: Peter Lang, pp. 123-143


  • Infection, Post-Colonialism and Soma-technics in Claire Denis Trouble Every Day (2002) in Studies in French Cinema Journal. Vol. 7. Issue 1.

Encyclopaedia Entries

  • ‘Kitano’s Self-Reflexive Trilogy’ and Wakamatsu Koji’ in Directory of World Cinema: Japan 3 ed. John Berra (Intellect Press)
  • Tian Zhuangzhuang’, ‘Chen Kaige’ and ‘Fei Mu’ in Biographical Dictionary of the People’s Republic of China: ed. Yuwu Song (Jefferson, NC: McFarland & Company.
  • Taylor, K. (2011) Japan, colonization and settlement’ The Encyclopaedia of Global Human Migration (ed) Immanuel Ness, Blackwell Publishing


  • Taylor, K Review: Jo Longhurst: Other Spaces in Source: The Photographic Review. Oct 2012.
  • Taylor, K. Review: Gabriella Lukacs, Scripted Affects, Branded Selves: television, subjectivity and capitalism in 1990s Japan, Japan Forum, Volume 23, Issue 2, 2011
  • Taylor, K, Review: Marked Women: prostitutes and prostitution in the cinema, Women's History Review, Volume 18, Issue 2 April 2009, pp. 337 – 344

Journal Editor (special editions)

  • Special edition on East Asian Directors for Dekalog Cinema Series (Wallflower Press, 2012) Editor.



  • Archive Orientani Special Edition on Cultural Translation and East Asia, Ying. Y. and Taylor. K. (eds)
  • Journal of Media and Culture (JOMEC), Special Edition on Cultural Translation and East Asia, Ying. Y. and Taylor. K. (eds)

Academic Awards and Funding:

  • 2011-2012 - AHRC Early Career Fellowship Grant for Colonial Japanese Cinema Project. £32,000
  • 2011-2012 -Aber-Bangor Alliance Fund – Sexualities Network with Dr Sarah Riley. £500
  • 2012 - College of Art and Humanities Conference Organisation Grants for Cultural Translation and East Asia: Art, Film and Literature.  £500.
  • Confucius Centre Conference Support for Cultural Translation and East Asia: Art, Film and Literature.  £200.
  • 2011 - Saskawa Foundation Grant for Colonial Japanese Cinema Project £1000
  • 2010 - Bangor University 125 Scholarship (With Dr Astrid Ensslin) awarded to Ms Isamar Carrillo Masso.
  • 2009 - British Academy Small research Grant for Rising Sun and Divided Land. £3,368
  • 2009 - British Academy international travel grant to present Legacy of a Violent Man: Chi to Hone and the Trauma of Korean-Japanese Existence at the RMMLA conference, Calgary CANADA. £500.
  • 2009 - Sasakawa Foundation Grant for Early Japanese Cinema Project £1600
  • 2007 - Studies in French Cinema Journal, Travel Award £500.

Selected Conference presentations:

  • “Colonial Postcards in Algeria and Korea: 1910-1945”, European Popular Culture Association Inaugural Conference, London (2012)
  • “Enjo Kosai and development of female sexuality in Japan at the Pornified? Complicating debates about the ‘sexualisation of culture’, IoE London (2011)
  • “Visualizing the Intra-East: East Asian Co-productions and re-framing of a popular ‘East Asian Film Sphere’” at the East Asian Popular Culture Association 2011 Inaugural Conference, Taipei Normal University (2011)
  • Making Profit: Images of the Teenage Prostitute in Contemporary Japanese Cinema Panel on Female Prostitutes on Screen: Transnational Representations? MECCSA Conference, Bradford (2009)
  • ‘Korean Bodies at War: Japanese occupation and body politics in Seoul’, Association of Asian Studies Conference, Chicago, USA (2008)
  • Legacy of a Violent Man: Chi to Hone and the Trauma of Korean-Japanese Existence for the RMMLA conference, Calgary CANADA (2007)

Invited Speaker:

  • “Girlhood in Japanese Imperial Cinema” at UCL Roundtable discussion day (July 14th 2012)
  • Colonial Dreaming: Landscape and Japanese Colonial Cinema at the ‘Mixed Cinema Network Workshop 3: Landscape in Japanese and Chinese Cinema’, University of Sheffield, (2012)
  • De-Westernizing Film Studies: Co-production as a tool of Chinese Language Cinema” at “the Industries of Chinese-Language Cinema: History, Reality, and Methodology”, Shanghai, (2011)
  • (Re)Creating perfection: Framing the body in the work of Nobuyoshi Araki, Transforming Bodies Seminar Series: University of Southampton (2007)
  • Bodies and Border Crossings: Akihiro Miwa and re-construction of post-war Japan’ Crossing Cultural Borders? Reflections on Inter-, Multi-, Trans-’ Conference,  Bangor University April 2008
  • Dance, Girl Dance: women and the moving body’ Seoul National Institute of Arts: SOUTH KOREA. (2007).