Postgraduate Student Profiles

Michela CorteseMichela Cortese

Michela Cortese – PhD Creative Studies

Michela is a PhD candidate and associate lecturer in journalism and visual media studies at Bangor University. She is an expert in risk communication and environmental communication, and she is a member and adviser for the Media and Persuasive Communication Network at Bangor.

My research focuses on visual communication of climate change through film and television from a sociological perspective

Jordan GlendenningJordan Glendenning

Jordan Glendenning – PhD in Digital Fiction

Jordan Glendenning is 25, from Darlington, and studied as an undergraduate at Bangor University before commencing a PhD in Digital Fiction. Jordan also works as a Graduate Teaching Assistant in the school.

The opportunities provided to me here have been amazing, and the working relationships with peers and colleagues are likely to last my entire career. Some of the mentors I have had at this university have been almost vital in my improvement as a student and a person.

Isabel VincentIsabel Vincent

Isabel Vincent – PhD in Creative Studies

Isabel Vincent from Cardiff studied both her undergraduate degree and Master's at Bangor and is studying for a PhD

I am undertaking practice led research, looking at transmedia storytelling within science fiction. I left Bangor for a year after my Masters degree, but when I came back up for graduation I knew that I wanted to come back to Bangor to continue my studies. I was fortunate enough to be offered a fee waiver for my PhD.

Kristin LisselKristin Lissel

Kristin Lissel – PhD in Critical and Creative Writing

Kristin studied Creative and Professional Writing at Bangor and is now pursuing a part-time PhD at Bangor, whilst being based in Sweden.

As I am a PhD student, I have had the privilege of choosing and tailoring my own research topic, which is an extension of what I learned during my undergraduate course. In simple terms, I research a possible link between Scandinavian folklore and modern Nordic noir through practice based research.