Journals and Editorial boards

The School of Creative Studies and Media hosts its own journal, Journal of Gaming and Virtual Worlds, edited by Astrid Ensslin and Eben Muse.

Nathan Abrams is 'Reviews' editor for Jewish Culture & History, and is on the advisory board for Journal of European Popular Culture.

Our wider staff body regularly peer review book proposals for publishers such as:

  • Oxford University Press,
  • Sage,
  • Routledge,
  • Pearson Longman,
  • Continuum,
  • Ashgate
  • Emerald.

Also, we regularly peer review journal articles for journals such as:

  • New Media and Society,
  • Critical Discourse Studies,
  • Body and Society,
  • Social Semiotics,
  • Journal of Risk Research,
  • Electronic Journal of Communication,
  • Cultural Politics,
  • Women’s History Review,
  • Contemporary Literature.