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Dr Ik Soo Lim
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Dr Ik Soo Lim holds a BSc in Physics from POSTECH, South Korea, an MSc in Computer Science from NUS, Singapore and a PhD in Computer Science from EPFL, Switzerland. He was appointed to a lectureship at the School of Computer Science, Bangor University in 2004, where he is a member of the High Performance Visualization and Medical Graphics Group.

Dr Lim serves as a co-chair of Theory and Practice of Computer Graphics (2007, 2008) and as a paper reviewer for Computers & Education (2008), Proceedings of The Royal Society A (2007), the Journal of Electronic Imaging (2005), Information Visualisation (2005), Eurographics/IEEE-VGTC Symposium on Visualisation (2005), ACM Symposium of Applied Computing (2000-2005) and Computer Animation (2000).

Dr Lim has research interest in volume data visualization and its application to biomedicine and other domains.


  • Grants ESRC / EPSRC (RES-062-23-2075), An investigation of xational eye movement patterns during three-dimensional object recognition (2009-2012), PI: Charles Leek, £542K
  • Leverhulme Trust (F/00 174/L), Visualisation of time-varying volume data based on topological hierarchy (2007-2010), £66K
  • Welcome Trust (WT081931MA), Three-Dimensional Anatomy Colouring (2007), £26K
  • EPSRC (CASE/CNA/05/18), Cooperative Awards in Science and Engineering for New Academics (2005-2008), £57K
  • Conwy Valley Systems Ltd., Automatic Recognition of Palynofacies in Microscopic Images (2005-2008), £20K

Journal Publications

  • P. Wittek, S. Gao, I. S. Lim, and L. Zhao (2017). somoclu: An Efficient Parallel Library for Self-Organizing Maps. Journal of Statistical Software, 78 (9) : 1-21.
  • P. Wittek, Y-H. Liu, S. Darány, T. Gedeon, and I. S. Lim (2016). Risk and Ambiguity in Information Seeking: Eye Gaze Patterns Reveal Contextual Behavior in Dealing with Uncertainty. Frontiers in Psychology, 7 : 1790.
  • I.S. Lim, P. Wittek, J. Parkinson (2015). On the Origin of Risk Sensitivity: the Energy Budget Rule Revisited. Animal Behaviour, 110:69–77.
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