Research staff

  • Mansoor

Complex system modelling 

The goal of this research theme is to use mathematical modelling techniques to enhance multi-disciplinary research into real-time system modelling and security. There are three broad research sub-themes carried out:
1.    Complex real-time systems simulation research with practical application at Europe’s largest pump storage facility. Understanding of the complex nature of the plant’s dynamics can be gained by hardware-in-the-loop real-time simulations, leading to insights that enhance the plant’s performance.
2.    Optical Communications Networks research involves using extensive numerical simulations to explore the transmission performance and other characteristics of optical networks. These models have been used to rigorously verify experimental results carried out by the Optical Electronic research group in the School of Electronic Engineering at Bangor University. Models have also been developed to investigate schemes for adaptive dynamic bandwidth allocation in optical orthogonal frequency division multiple access and passive optical networks.
3.    Security and Water-Marking research is concerned with both theoretical and practical aspects of digital watermarking. Mathematical modelling is used for watermark encryption and video hashing.  Several new algorithms have been developed to improve security issues in multimedia processing and analysis.