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Atal Afiechyd a Newid Ymddygiad drwy Ymarfer Corff BSc (Intercalated)

Cod UCASC883
CymhwysterBSc (Intercalated)
Hyd1 blwyddyn
Modd AstudioLlawn amser
Cynnig nodweddiadol104 pwyntiau Tariff UCAS

Rhagarweiniad i’r Cwrs

You will study modules totaling 120 credits in the year.  All students study a 20-credit module – Research Skills for Medics, and carry out an independent Research Project to integrate the knowledge they have accumulated over the year. 

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Cynnwys y Cwrs

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You will also take 60 optional credits selected from the following 10/30 credit modules:

  • Biological Psychology
  • Exercise Psychology
  • Research in Psychological Skills
  • Personality and Individual Differences
  • Environmental Physiology
  • Disability, Sport and Rehabilitation
  • Exercise for Clinical Populations
  • Exercise is Medicine (30 credits)
  • Sports Injury Rehabilitation
  • Psychology of Injury and Rehabilitation

Modiwlau y flwyddyn yma

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Gyrfaoedd a Chyflogadwyedd

Benefits of Intercalating and Career Prospects

Intercalated degrees enable medical students to gain a scientific perspective of sport and exercise; for example, as a form of treatment for a variety of conditions as well as how to implement behaviour change in order to achieve positive outcomes regarding the rehabilitation and prevention of diseases (e.g. diabetes).

In addition to the enhanced career opportunities typically available to medical students who intercalate, this additional training may also provide a strong foundation for postgraduate study (MSc, MPhil or PhD) and clinical research positions within the NHS.

Gofynion Mynediad

  • This degree is aimed at medical students who have successfully completed the requisite number of years in Medical School and wish to gain a BSc to specialise or gain experience in the field of Exercise, Behaviour Change and Disease Prevention.
  • Specific criteria are set between your Medical School and Bangor University. Please refer to your Medical School for further details.

Costau’r Cwrs

Mandatory Costs:

Project: Printing of posters = £20 (if submitted before deadline) or £28 (if submitted late).

Students will also need to purchase a memory stick or compact disc to store their project data for submission.

Necessarily Incurred Costs:

Project: Students may choose to travel to collect data for their projects.

Students may choose to complete a project with costs (e.g. lab consumables). The first £50 is paid for by the School. Any additional costs will be met by the student.

Students may choose to work with vulnerable participants requiring them to complete a DBS check (£44).

Optional Costs:

Graduation gown.

Graduation Tea is free of charge to all graduates but additional tickets may be purchased for friends and family at £10 per head.

Optional extra-curricular courses, e.g. Gym Instructors Course approx. £500; First Aid Course approx £30-£100; National Governing Body Award qualifications £100-£500 per course.


We do not require students to submit a bound copy of their dissertation.

Sut i Ymgeisio

To apply for a place on this course please fill in this application form. You should then email your application form to and cc Remember you need to get permission from your current Medical School to intercalate before you apply.

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